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I’ve no idea what I’m supposed to be doing with the second half of my life.

Im a guy in his early forties. I’m happily married. I don’t have children - my wife didn’t want any. I have an okay job and I own a modest home.

I used to have the best time with my friends. Three or four times a year the five of us would meet up in a nearby city, have a big meal, go to a casino and then party into the early hours if the next day. Big hangovers but great memories and humour. But as time goes in they’re drifting away, and too busy to catch up. I think those good times have slipped away for good.

I have no idea what to do to have fun and give myself something to look forward to. I can’t just sit in front of a tv, or do DIY, or play golf like other guys my age. I need something to do that gets me excited and gives me something to look forward to, and I’ve no idea where to go for that. I’m totally adrift.

Does this resonate with anyone? What did you do?
JustNik · 51-55, F
I take a dip into anything that interests me. For me, that has been crochet, sewing, baking, photography, all kinds of art stuff, yoga, and the newest one was learning how audiobook narration is done. There’s always more to anything than you expect and it’s fun and exciting to explore this new world. It can be as far-flung or convenient as you like, as well. Just have to decide what you want to know more about. 🙂
Examine your values.
What changes would you like to see in the world?
In what ways could you use you skills, talents and experience in a job which would contribute to making that difference?

Experiment with new hobbies, preferably creative ones, or maybe a sport - they're a great way to meet new people with similar interests.
Start a coffee group where anyone can come and join in for a chat for two or three hours once a week.

Consider reading. One can have an infinite range of vicarious experiences through good novels,
or one can increase one's general knowledge stimulate one's intelligence via non-fiction.

There are many forms of hedonism that don't require drugs and don't cost much - hiking in national parks, cycling, dance, playing music, etc.
Carissimi · 70-79, F
It resonates very much with me, but not the partying part. I didn’t party in my 40s, that’s a bit old for partying, but maybe you meant just socializing with friends? Anyway, I was adrift too, for a very long time, and I never did find out what to do about it. Now, I’m old enough to just be resigned to the fact that this is my life. Sometimes, and for some people, life doesn’t turn out how we thought/hoped it would.
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
I'm sure this is something that resonates with a lot of people.

I stopped doing pubs and clubs decades ago. Just wasn't enjoying it anymore.

You need to discover new things.
Maybe sports or fitness related.
Maybe something at night school you can study.
Perhaps theatre or ballet or opera or movies regularly.

These things still afford you a night out but others will be entertaining you rather than the other way around
WelshLovely · 46-50, F
I can relate to that. I've gone back to studying and I'm working towards a career I'll find rewarding, not just something I do to pay the bills....
dancingtongue · 80-89, M
Only you can decide what excites you. The casinos are still there and the party opportunities probably as well, even if your long time friends have moved on. But their moving on probably indicates you all have reached an age where you have outgrown that sort of excitement.

When my wife and I reached that point in life, and the kids were old enough to take care of themselves and on their way to leaving the nest, we seized the opportunity to travel, experience other cultures. It opens your eyes to other things to try and get interested in.
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
Check out meetup" or likewise apps in your area. There you can join events with people of similar age that seem interesting to you.
G0ddess · F
repent for your sins and find God
AMelancholyHaunting · 41-45, M
@G0ddess You’re high
G0ddess · F
@AMelancholyHaunting no just blessed
Muthafukajones · 46-50, M
AMelancholyHaunting · 41-45, M
@Muthafukajones Is that what you do?
Muthafukajones · 46-50, M
@AMelancholyHaunting I’m single and constantly changing gfs and so I travel between relationships.

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