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Crossdresser: Do you really know why you CD?

I been trying to figure out why I do for decades. Just a few years ago I gave up trying to find out why

I been drawn to womens clothing like its some powerful magnet, since I was little kid as a matter a fact.

I can't explain the urge to do it and I gave up trying to figure it out

Do you know why you do?
AlienFox · F Best Comment
I have a question for you…

Because I understand you, but there’s a double standard. As a woman I love my dresses and skirts, but I never wear makeup, never do my hair. Most of my clothes are mens/unisex clothes because I don’t feel my clothing defines me. I like what I like and I feel perfectly comfortable leaving the house in whatever I wear.

As a man, you’re thought of differently for wearing women’s clothes, yet most people don’t care if a woman wears mens clothes…

I feel bad, in a way, that you have to hide or worry about what others will think, like you need an explanation for yourself.

I don’t know why I wear men’s clothes other than because I feel comfortable in them. I feel kinda sexy in them. It’s like a bow to my femininity to wear what I want and still feel my curves underneath. I don’t need tight fits or low cuts or makeup to express myself. But some women and men do express themselves that way. It’s no different. And it’s all on the outside, so while it’s a form of self expression, it’s not your definition.

I think there’s just more to people than stereotypes and what society dictates is masculine and feminine. I think we all have both energies and should embrace ourselves as we wish without question or criticism.
SilkandLace2 · 41-45, M
@HumanEarth omigosh, TOTALLY!! @AlienFox
Ramon67 · 61-69, M
@AlienFox thank you for your answer . I read it twice to make sure I understood you correctly . I know that I dress because I feel more comfortable in women’s clothes and I wear men’s clothes to conform to society . But , I do go out dressed a lot and I believe that’s who I really am .
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When I was 12 My grandfather and his friends asked me to try on some girl clothes.I did .They told me how pretty I was and that made me feel good.I like the way the clothes felt and liked the way I looked. They asked what I felt about wearing the clothes .I said I do.Asked if I wanted more I said yes. Thats how I started and I still love wearing fem clothes.
HumanEarth · 51-55, M
@ninalanyon I kinda thought the same thing
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
@HumanEarth So it went as innocently as you described in the beginning? No awkward vibes?
@ninalanyon I enjoy it. still do. I love it when they started bringing me fem clothes too wear.
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StevexStephie · 70-79, M
@silkydrawers Oh Silky! You make me want to be a better girl!
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StevexStephie · 70-79, M
@silkydrawers. Yes! Naughty is sooooo nice!
Ramon67 · 61-69, M
I crossdress for a few reasons . I believe in my heart that I was supposed to be born a girl . But , since I’m a boy I can fulfill my feelings of being a woman by crossdressing . I feel normal in a dress or skirt , almost like second nature .
ninalanyon · 61-69, T
I feel more comfortable both psychologically and physically.
ArishMell · 70-79, M
Good question... I've sometimes cross-dressed mildly, at home only, but I can't really say why I enjoyed it. It turned me on a bit, but I think was basically Just a harmless eccentricity. I have very few femme clothes and rarely wear them now, though usually sleep in a nightdress or similar.
Uniformed · 46-50, M
@ArishMell I'm the same as you really..I don't collect female clothes especially frilly.lacey obviously femme type but have dabbling in it at home occasionally
SilkandLace2 · 41-45, M
"Like a powerful magnet", that just explains it all!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
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Fairydust · F
Mummy issues?
HumanEarth · 51-55, M

I had the perfect childhood, mom, dad white picket fence. The whole nine yards.

I had the life from the television show of the 1950s "Leave It To Beaver"
Fairydust · F
@HumanEarth maybe you just love the beaver 🦫🤣
HumanEarth · 51-55, M
@Fairydust Well thats true, but thats another book to open later
Uniformed · 46-50, M
I think at first it's fun, then it's the forbidden or the punishment aspect of it like "having to dress as a girl" is a kind of turn on.. Might explain me and femae uniforms. Anyway, it's just an aspect of you to enjoy. Who wants to be "normal" , "conventional" etc. I think we talked before and I said I was no typical dresser being straight like you, big and clumsy 😃
IamCuriousBabe · 51-55, F
Love to read the responses.
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@chinga Not all cross dressers do get a sexual kick out of it, though.
HumanEarth · 51-55, M
Your right @HootyTheNightOwl. I don't do it for a sexual thrill.

I finely came to the conclusion that I just freaking like women's clothing. It has to be just that plain simple of a answer.
No one knows, really. I think a human wiring thing, but guys have different motivations behind doing it. 🤷‍♂️

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