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If it was legal, what is the most severe and AUDACIOUS "crime" you would commit?

Would you take it as far as fraud? drug use? murder?
DragonFruit · 61-69, M
Well, I actually committed two felonies at the same time back in the day.....I was high on cocaine while having gay sex (at a time when that was also a felony in Missouri).
@DragonFruit You're still a felon in 64 countries. 😆
Rutterman · 46-50, M
There are several people I probably would have killed had it been legal back when I knew them. I don't think I'd do it now, even if it were legal to do so. .
Rutterman · 46-50, M
@foldedunfolding I think laws can sometimes deter people from acting in immoral ways. Not sure if that answers your question.
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
@Rutterman not quite. what i mean is: many choose to only do what is legal, but what is legal is not always MORAL. sometimes morality is even made ILLEGAL.
Rutterman · 46-50, M
@foldedunfolding I agree with your statement.
Turtlepower · 36-40, M
Mine would be so benign. I just want to drive as fast as I want lol
Turtlepower · 36-40, M
@foldedunfolding yeah and you're fine! It's perfectly fine :p
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
@Turtlepower naw man so many things could have gone wrong hit me i should slow down..all it would take is one bad tire or an errant driver....
Turtlepower · 36-40, M
@foldedunfolding pshhh eh going 70 vs going 90+ if something super bad happens, you're probably screwed anyways. Now let me get that mid life crisis car and hit 130 >.> With my luck I'd hit a deer
NerdySoph · 26-30, F
Rob a richie rich bank .. but hey it's legal, so let's call it "taking all their money with a smile on my face" :)
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
@NerdySoph let's!!
Straylight · 31-35, F
I’d tear the tag off of my mattress. 😈
Straylight · 31-35, F
@foldedunfolding Scram kid. You have a bright future if you play your cards right. You don’t want to be here when this goes down.
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
@Straylight lmao why did i read that in a brooklyn accent
Straylight · 31-35, F
@foldedunfolding I typed it in one. 😌
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
@HootyTheNightOwl o0o who would you murder? (i think i know)
@foldedunfolding Probably soon to be ex... I can't even be sick without him screaming at me anymore.
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
@HootyTheNightOwl im sorry hun..i didnt think it would be him actually
Jayciedubb · 56-60, M
I've already committed fraud and I've done drugs. I'd murder and I'd torture too. But I'd only murder and torture people I know/knew. Anyone else would have to provoke me by threatening my life or the lives of those whose safety is of my responsibility.

What I couldn't do is rape anyone or harm children or *animals

*except for hunting and/or pest control
sodomize my lady....apparently that's still a crime ha! 😉
@foldedunfolding fair enough...but how is it gay when it's man and woman? oral between man and woman... gays and lesbians do that too..
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
@beermeplease idk have a perfectly good pussy there but you want to do it anally..i will never understand that for a straight guy..agree to disagree.
@foldedunfolding pussy is always best,,,hands down...but why not switch it up once in a blue moon 🤷...if i had a gf that never wanted to do that i'd be ok with it
Torsten · 36-40, M
murder. I would have definitely commited murder to a few people in my past. To be fair though it most likely would have happened regardless of the law. Other things thankfully got in the way though that prevented it
JasminD · 22-25, F
I've done the drugs thing - not my favourite moment, or proudest, in my life - and I am a prostitute, so...

Fraud? No. I couldn't do that! Murder? Hmmm...maybe! Lol!

@JasminD How's the prostitution thing working out for you? You're staying safe, I hope?
JasminD · 22-25, F
@LordShadowfire It's doing ok, thank you. Yes, I am safe.

in10RjFox · M
you mean provided I would be alive, if it was legal?
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
White collar ponzie but only the rich.
kodiac · 22-25, M
Revenge/ justice
I talk a big game, but I'm not sure I could kill someone, either. But I know somebody I would absolutely abduct and scare the ever-loving dogshit out of before "accidentally" letting him escape.
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
@LordShadowfire i know who you are referring to lol
Renaci · 36-40
Depends on the country. In many countries I could be put to death simply for not being straight enough.
MethDozer · M
Rob banks,
foldedunfolding · 36-40, F
@MethDozer loving the comma..gotta leave some roooom

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