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I Love Jokes And Riddles

A commercial property owner has three shops in a row, all for rent. The first prospective lessee shows up, and says he wants to rent the shop on the left.

The owner says, "Fine, what kind of shop do you have?"

The guy says, "A menswear shop." The owner tells him he gets free signage, and asks what he wants on the sign.

"Menswear," says the man.

A second guy comes along and wants to let the right hand shop. When asked he says he wants "Menswear" on his sign.

The owner tells him that the left-hand shop will be the same.

"No problem," says the man.

Finally a third man comes along to rent the middle shop.
The owner is most concerned because this guy also has a menswear shop. Rather wearily the owner asks him what he wants on his sign.

The guy replies: "Entrance."
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This young firemen graduates the fire academy; starts a new job at a fire station, and gets married soo after starting at the new fire station.

After a few days of work he comes home and tells his new bride; "I want our house/marriage to run like at the fire academy and the fire station".

The new young bride says; "Okay, and how will that be"?

The young firemen says; "Well at both places";" When bell one rings we eat dinner";"When bell two ring we get undressed and go to bed";" And when Bell three rings we get dressed and go fight the fire"! "So for now on when I come home from the fire station and walk in the door. I will say Bell one and you will put the food on the table and we will eat"; "Then,when I say Bell two you will go to the bedroom and undress and lay down on the bed awaiting for me to come have sex with you".; "And when I come into the bedroom and say Bell three will have sex"

The young bride says "Okay, Honey"

The next day comes and the young firemen walks in the door at home from the fire station and shouts " Bell One"! The young bride rushes to put the food on the table and they eat in silence. The young firemen finishes his dinner and stands up shouting "Bell Two"! The young bride runs from the table to the bedroom disrobing and laying down on the bed"! The young fire men thinks to himself that he is in heaven as he enters the bedroom disrobing and joining his bride on the bed. The young fireman shouts " Bell Three", and they begin to Make love, and he thinks he is in paradise!

Five minutes into making love the young bride Frowns at the young firemen and screams " BELL FOUR"!
The young firemen puzzled asks the young bride"what is Bell Four for"? The young Bride says " More hose; more hose; Your no where near the source of the fire as of yet"!!!
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I would love to see you posts jokes to this group. [@5350,HeteroCDingMale101]
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[@1507,Rusham] I will over time!
Rusham · M
[@5350,HeteroCDingMale101] awesome
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