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What made you into a lonely person?

For a long time I felt apart and wanted to fit in. Then when I did finally fit in I was taken advantage of to a point where I left. Now I don't know whether to fit in or to accept my solitude. Enough about me. What made you lonely? 馃檪
I was a part of sports teams, military, marriage, and got too old for sports, was divorced, and then retired medically from all my injuries and surgeries from the injuries, and I retired to a farm where my son and daughter came to be raised by me. My son left going into the Army like I did, and my daughter went off to college. Lost my son to suicide and my daughter won't associate with me because of his life's path and ending.

So, solitude and wondering...
HollyW18-21, F
@WillaKissing That's very sad. Makes my life look like a picnic.
@HollyW Thank you. I do not know what to say really other than I am still here for a reason by God's will. This gives me some solace, and I live my life daily as I see fit in a manner that helps me to cope.
When a child is physically abused - beaten - he withdraws emotionally. At least that was the case for me. It is a result of self-preservation and protection. And even when I put myself "out there" in reality it was allowing those to see only bits and pieces. All these many years later, I still prefer solitude over crowds. And also why I prefer being online. Online no one can really hurt me. Not in the way I was hurt growing up.
Matt8536-40, M
Disposal36-40, M
Having a disability that people can see. I sense that when people saw me, saw me as though I was shit underneath their shoes. It was not easy, I went through a lot which people tend to think light of it. Subjected to an Abusive sibling which indicated name-calling, and violence. A Mother that took all my disability allowance to fund her drinks, her ciggies, and paying off the enormous credit card debt instead of feeding me, and clothing me. What made me lonely was at the end of my mind. I am better off not getting involved with anyone, and accepting my solitude.
I think it's a combination of factors. One is I'm physically not comfortable around people especially with my medical condition. Being an introvert made me thankfully prefer my own company. Life had always put me in situations where I'm isolated. I have a hard time finding like-minded people, honestly I find most people shallow and boring, I have been told I'm a deep person. It's debatable I developed as a defense mechanism.
BarbossasHusband36-40, M
Moving every 3 year or more often, before internet and cell phones, making me lose all contact with my current friends.
I wemt to 3 different elementary schools (years 1 - 7) then moved so years 8-10 didn't have anyone I knew.

After a while I just gave up getting new friends cause I'd just end up losing them anyway.
Scarfface46-50, M
I came to the conclusion that it's easier to just be by myself, I've been let down or I've messed up too many times.
I'm now wondering if it was the right decision though 馃ぃ
HollyW18-21, F
@Scarfface I think ambition can compensate for loneliness.
Scarfface46-50, M
@HollyW having personal goals and individual interests is great. It's not always necessary to socialise although it's important to keep trying.
It's always life that pushes us into solitude. To combat which I get into newer stuff, so I can get into newer circles rather than wasting time on being accepted by older ones. Soon we become welcoming and entertaining and let more people engage with us.
plungesponge41-45, M
interestingly I've never felt lonely in my life, though objectively I probably should have. Childhood was such a shitshow that being by myself is like a holiday lol
SwampFlower31-35, F
Socializing is very difficult for me so for a long time I just avoided it.
SwampFlower31-35, F
@HollyW Absolutely. Most of my responses in the moment are things I've been scripting and rehearsing for years. It's just how my brain works (or doesn't haha)
HollyW18-21, F
@SwampFlower I have no prepared responses. I just wing it with moderate success.
SwampFlower31-35, F
@HollyW I do with people who already get me. But strangers and in professional settings it's a bit different.
PhilDeep51-55, M
Poverty and its consequent social exclusion is where this started for me, I guess, and siblings who were more abusive than cordial.
Cigarguy10141-45, M
I have tourettes. I have loud outburst and facial tics. I have no control of them. It makes going out and meeting new people a challenge.
Whyme46-50, M
I think its just me really only one to blame is me
HollyW18-21, F
@Whyme I blame myself too. For my weakness.
Whyme46-50, M
@HollyW I understand wanting to be popular I never have been I don鈥檛 have the personality for it and I actually care about people
I was always a follower.. and unfortunately that led me high and dry.
SarithBorn18-21, M
I don't think i am lonely, i am quite content being by myself. 馃
AstroZombie36-40, M
Aside from my fiancee leaving me?
Ramrod46-50, M
A change in life styles ?????
GuiltyBiStander31-35, F
Getting 15 men off in one night.

I just don't have any time left for myself 馃槑
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HollyW18-21, F
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