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Why would a guy block me for sending him pics he asked for just because they were random pics from the Internet and not pics of me?

I don't see how anybody could be so ungrateful. He wanted pics of women in jeans, so I sent him these:

Just because he's found out they weren't pics of me (which I never even claimed they were) he's now blocked me. Have you ever encountered such an ungrateful troll on here?
TAReturns · M Best Comment
That’s nuts
Those are fine pics
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@329057,TAReturns] Thank you, TA. Now I know how the word "ta" came to mean "thank you". Lol :)

Pinkstarburst · 51-55, F
Right? Just like when a guy sends me a dick pick and I send him one back. I just figure one for me-one for you. Then he blocks me!?!?!?
[@6912,Pinkstarburst] That may be the best way i have heard to deal with that problem!!! You should post that somewhere, is there a page for helping out new users???
Midnightoker1 · 56-60, M
[@6912,Pinkstarburst] lol.
JesseInTX · 51-55, M
[@6912,Pinkstarburst] ask and you should receive. Don’t ask and you shouldn’t!
DrWatson · 61-69, M
I have come to the conclusion that it is a mistake to assume that everyone here is mentally or emotionally stable.
helenS · 31-35, F
[@338282,DrWatson] Some can't even differentiate the most elementary functions.
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@338282,DrWatson] I don't like to say people are insane unless I am certain they are.
WandererTony · 51-55, M
The pics are fine if he really wanted to see a girl in jeans. I think he wanted to see you with the jeans - for starters :)
So you outsmarted him and that stung. Good riddance I would say.
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@1199643,WandererTony] I wasn't really comparing that guy with my husband. I was judging him by the way he was when we FIRST interacted. He seemed OK then. I wasn't expecting him to be a Jekyll-and-Hyde monster, was I? Why didn't he warn me he was like that when I first messaged him? Where I come from people like that are simply not accepted.
WandererTony · 51-55, M
[@1114676,HairbrushDiva] I appreciate your feelings. He is not what you expected him to be. And your expectation is based on “where you come from” and your first impressions.
This is the bigger world we access through the internet. It’s no longer where you come from. There are pleasant surprises as well as rude shocks. Cultural differences perhaps. Behavioural differences. It’s a learning experience.
In some places, extra marital flirting is cheating. And those who are cheating do it like no holds barred. They don’t follow any expectations.
Let’s see the bright side. You are wiser. You have made more friends by loosing one 👍😊
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@1199643,WandererTony] The thing that baffles me is that Internet life seems vastly different from city life. Why should it be? I live in a multi-cultural city, so all cultural differences are equal here. Why else is Internet life so different from city life?

I have no desire to cheat on my husband or flirt with others. What's the point?

If I can loose a friend, is it possible to tight a friend?
Jm31xxx · 41-45, M
That girl can't do the splits in those jeans
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@572847,Jm31xxx] Why should that matter? That guy didn't mention that.
Jm31xxx · 41-45, M
[@1114676,HairbrushDiva] I'm not saying it does matter, I'm just sayin
atlantic59 · 61-69, M
[ [@572847,Jm31xxx] She can't really throw a bale of hay either, I don't think
Spokeskitties75 · 46-50, M
I think you were very accommodating tbh!
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@362821,Spokeskitties75] Of course I was.
How can a woman fit in those super tight jeans?
helenS · 31-35, F
Never happened to me – I almost never send pictures, and when I do I make it perfectly clear that it's not me.
helenS · 31-35, F
[@1114676,HairbrushDiva] Same. I send pictures of women who look very much like me, but not pictures of myself.
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@6602,helenS] I don't even bother if they look like me, I focus on what they are wearing. I only use the pics to illustrate that.
helenS · 31-35, F
[@1114676,HairbrushDiva] I'm sometimes asked what I look like. I usually prefer to describe myself in words, but sometimes I send the picture of a look-alike.
Wolf90 · 36-40, M
Shocking! Ungrateful troll be ungrateful! That'll teach him to be more specific lol!

These are actually pretty great pics of girls in jeans too lol!
I am glad that you didn't send yours. Such people are bad. He must have expectations of your pictures.
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@1158409,littlepuppywantanewlife] I think asking other users to post pics of themselves should be treated as a form of spam, don't you? If I was a moderator here that's exactly how I'd treat it.
[@1114676,HairbrushDiva] ofcourse one should not share pictures until and unless they know each other and can trust each other.
Justme264 · 61-69, M
What is to be ungrateful about... goodness me... he should be flattered you sent these... whether they were of you or not!
Swoop62 · M
He should just be grateful for your time and choice in my estimation.You did more than your part so adios for him.
TheSunisout · 56-60, M
Well I never ask for pictures, but if you had sent them to me, I would have said thank you, but thought it very strange😊
atlantic59 · 61-69, M
He did it accidently, or else his wife came in the room
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@8138,atlantic59] If he's married, why doesn't he ask his wife to wear jeans, even if only in the bedroom? Is that really too simple?
Muthafukajones · 41-45, M
Many men on here pretend to be women. He may have thought you sent him those because you weren’t who you seemed to be.
Muthafukajones · 41-45, M
[@1114676,HairbrushDiva] there’s a feeling you get when you text someone of the opposite sex. A certain type of reaction and certain way of texting unique to the opposite sex. It may take a few conversations but it’s obvious who the sex of the person you are texting is given time.
Oster1 · M
Sometimes it’s easy just in how they write but almost impossible for some. I try to be careful but it’s always on my mind and maybe rampant.[@1114676,HairbrushDiva]
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@400392,Oster1] For something so rampant, it seems pretty rare to me. Mind you, I have noticed an unusually large number of deleted profiles in certain adult-oriented groups (including some of each gender) but I didn't get the chance to interact with them. Maybe they were "catfish", but we have no way of knowing now, do we?
atlantic59 · 61-69, M
[@11430,TheSunisout] feelings of guilt often plays into equations like this
Compliments on the selection of photos
KentuckyWildcats · 56-60, M
That's Spooning Booty!
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@746207,AMSpooner] Lol :)
Azlotto · M
[quote]Why would a guy block me for sending him pics [/quote]


[quote]random pics from the Internet[/quote]

Nice selection!
Azlotto · M
[@1114676,HairbrushDiva] [quote]Charming[/quote]

Thank you.
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@913049,Azlotto] I used the word "charming" sarcastically, it's something we say a lot where I come from. Lol :)
Azlotto · M
[@1114676,HairbrushDiva] 😆
Latina · 41-45
🤨 Peculiar much!
Rolexeo · 26-30, M
Lol he just likes you
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@1201398,Rolexeo] No, I will not. I have my husband for that. Lol :)
Rolexeo · 26-30, M
[@1114676,HairbrushDiva] That's not what I meant lol
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@1201398,Rolexeo] I know, I just thought that was a better response than taking offense at your use of the word "fuck" the way you meant it. Lol :)
Lilymoon · 46-50, F
He was hoping you were gonna send him nudes 🤪
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@1141547,Lilymoon] I wonder if he asks all the married women of SW that? There are a couple of others on here who I know are married so I'll ask them if they've had similar trouble from that guy.
Pdad49 · M
You can send me all the pictures you want!
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@8138,atlantic59] Was that meant to be an answer to this question? It looks more like a follow-up comment to someone else's comment.
This message was deleted by its author.
atlantic59 · 61-69, M
[@1114676,HairbrushDiva] You've got it going there! I think you can control a space very well!
HairbrushDiva · 31-35, F
[@8138,atlantic59] I like to think I can. Lol :)
atlantic59 · 61-69, M
As long as you can see authorities arriving from the window

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