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Did u had an EP account? If yes thn what was your username?

Raaii · 22-25, F
What's that EP
I wanted JaneDoe, but it was taken; so I tweaked it a bit and became JaneDough
@CereBellum I remember you ! 😃
@bijouxbroussard Yes, and I you. We have a mutual male friend in common, which I believe you have known a wee bit longer than I have.
Fungirlmmm · 51-55, F
The same as here.
Degbeme · 70-79, M
Yes I had....and with the same name.
Petlover04 · 36-40, F
Sayad yahin milna tha.....
@Petlover04 haan....its never too late.
Petlover04 · 36-40, F
@SW-User Hmmm
NorthernRoses · 22-25, F
I did, but I don't remember the username.
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
Same name as here :-)
@Zaphod42 I remember you from there, too. 😊
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
@bijouxbroussard Likewise! Happy so many of the good ones made it here :-)
Degbeme · 70-79, M
Yes i did and it`s the same as this one.
I used this name and numerous others including Amphiouxus, PowerofChia, KatzeB, BodhiCat, CatBuckley, and others I don't currently recall
@SW-User so you do sprouting?
@bijouxbroussard I remember you too :)
@SW-User no, lol. It was an inside joke between me and a former EP user. He gave me a faux native American name, making fun of me because of some of the healthy foods that I eat. I thought it was pretty funny and it stuck
wonkavite04 · 22-25, F
Same as here, although I had one before that. One user kept harassing me on the old one (going specifically to the questions about my questionably abusive mom to do so), but for whatever reason the EP staff wouldn't get back to me on that. I ended up just making a new account.
JarJarBoom · 41-45, F
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Same then as now.....minus the 2
76starships · 46-50, M
I did. I was 76starships there, too.
Lonelymanik · 31-35, M
same as here
AngelKrish · 26-30, M
Kazuya69 · 31-35, M
KENZtheFRENZ · 31-35, F
I didn't, but if I did it would be Kenz the Frenz. It's the only name I've ever used on websites. Always the same avatar.
Butterflykisses24 · 51-55, F
yes but I don't give it out.Was in a different place then.
Myselfhere along with a numeric, which I forget.
Wishingwellguy · 46-50, M
Ginger viking, and then wishingwellguy
I had several usernames that I can't recall.
TheHeavenlyRebel i think
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Dlrannie · 31-35, F
Yep with the same name
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
Same there as here
PainandPleasure · 46-50, M
lovelyguy143334 · 31-35, M
G,my ep name was same :)
Thevy29 · 41-45, M
Yep. Same Username.
Yup. And same username
antonioio · 70-79, M
The same as here 🙂
Mysteriousliaisons · 56-60, M
I can’t remember it. Lol
Ajz59852 · 36-40, M
Same name as here
yes bamagirlie
Sithlizard · 51-55, M
Same name that I have now
Tukudo · 41-45, M
Yes! The same username.
LeahUnknown · 41-45, F
Not Worth Saving
PeterJ · 51-55, M
Kartik · 26-30, M
Yes I have
FailedToFetch · 56-60, M
kush90 · 26-30, M
Yes, im there
xRedx · M
Yeah I did
Waxfoot · 56-60, M
DViper97 · 46-50, M
Yes, with the same username.
Degbeme · 70-79, M
I did, same username.
Lilnonames · F
Yes. Same username.

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