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Some people like the Sun better than the Moon but the Moon gives us light at night time when it is dark, all the Sun does is give us light

during the day and it is already light during the day.
But the sun is a lamp. The moon is just a night light. 馃槃
IsaacDeSnuts18-21, M
You can stare at moon but not at the sun without going blind.
Justmeraeagain51-55, F
That's logic! Not saying what kind of logic...
Adogslife61-69, M
@Justmeraeagain Right 馃馃ぃ
The light that comes from the moon is actually the reflection of the sun鈥檚 light.
AndysAttic56-60, M
@Glossy How fascinating.
ArishMell70-79, M
@Glossy He knows that! He has a very wry sense of humour, does our AndysAttic.
hunkalove61-69, M
Without the moon it would be completely dark at night and the dinosaurs would have eaten us up 6,000 years ago. Thank you, Moon!
AntisocialTroll51-55, F
And the moon is made of cheese...So it's far superior to the sun anyway...
This sounds like a major political party's bullet list.
Eternity22-25, M
馃ぃ 馃ぃ 馃ぃ
Thevy2936-40, M
Peaceandnamaste26-30, F
The light from the moon is actually reflected from the Sun.
ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
Wow, you watched NOVA as a kid, didn't you? ;)
AndysAttic56-60, M
@ChipmunkErnie Nova Ernie?
ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
@AndysAttic Famous science TV series.
AndysAttic56-60, M
@ChipmunkErnie Can't say I did Ernie, I did enjoy 'the Sky at Night' as a nipper though.
Adogslife61-69, M
Puff, puff, [b]PASS![/b]

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