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The 13 yr old gets up, immediately shuffles to the coffee pot and groggily pours a cup like an old woman 馃懙

I don't know if I should be proud or recognize how I've failed as a mother.
I'm 31 and still don't quite understand coffee. 馃槅 I guess some people just have natural craving for it and other never crave it at all.
Elessar26-30, M
@CrazyMusicLover I mean it wakes me up (after the 2nd or 3rd) but I definitely don't experience it as a remotely addictive thing
@Elessar I only like it for dipping sweets into it for the flavour. 馃槅
Elessar26-30, M
@CrazyMusicLover As a base for the gelato 馃ゴ but it's the gelato that is addictive in that case, not the coffee
Ducky31-35, F
I was drinking coffee at that age and that really sounds like me back then. 馃槀 Take it as a sign of her growing up, lol.
Starcrossed41-45, F
Typically if I'm posting about her I try to keep from identifying gender because I don't like the SW-creepers to be alerted to the fact I even have a daughter.
Ducky31-35, F
@Starcrossed I don鈥檛 blame you. I was hesitant with identifying the gender of this man I鈥檝e fallen for recently because the creeps will know I do, in fact, like men too and take it as this:

Two already have already. 馃槅
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Damn that child sounds rough
Starcrossed41-45, F
@Wallflow3r Lol she's fierce
come2gether51-55, M
I started drinking coffee in my teens as well. Because I really needed the waker upper. Now, I've almost stopped drinking coffee. Full circle I guess.
鈥淚mitation is the sincerest form of flattery鈥, as the saying goes. Haha!
MarineBob56-60, M
Just trying to be like mom
Starcrossed41-45, F
@MarineBob Lol mini-me for sure. Once in a blue moon she'll even brew it for us.
That is funny but how bad did she party
Guardian56-60, M
You could fail WAY WORSE! Be proud!
Jeephikelove46-50, F
You haven鈥檛 failed! 馃
Obviously ,a prodigy! 馃弳
Rolexeo26-30, M
13 is the new 42
whowasthatmaskedman70-79, M
Before answering yourself. Ask if your mother believes she failed or succeeded and review your thoughts..馃樂
DunningKruger61-69, M
Should 13 year olds be drinking coffee?
Workerbee31-35, M
Coffee is one thing I doubt I will ever like
Was she doing it comedically, or seriously?
Starcrossed41-45, F
@NativePortlander1970 seriously. She doesn't do it every day. Maybe once or twice a week.
@Starcrossed There might be something going on, You might need to sit her down and ask if anything is going on.
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Starcrossed41-45, F
@CountScrofula ooh I hope this means I raising up a foodie like you
CountScrofula41-45, M
@Starcrossed I was a very late bloomer on food. Hated cooking growing up, only like, a vague interest in food beyond eating as much of it as possible being a teenager. When I moved out from home I realised I actually sincerely loved my parents' cooking and hated eating garbage all the time. So I SLOWLY taught myself to cook. I genuinely wasn't a good cook until my late 20s. So hope she starts earlier than I did lmao
Starcrossed41-45, F
@CountScrofula much, we've had her help cook dinner for several years now. She basically does anywhere from 1/2 to most of our blue apron meals herself now. Her chopping and prep skills are getting much better as she's more confident with a knife so that makes me worry less that she'll chop a finger off.

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