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If you go out with a coworker for a beer, how long would that usually last??

I really don鈥檛 like beer. 馃槓
Matt8536-40, M
1 pint lasts me about an hour
We used to go out for drinks on a weekly basis after work. The place where we went had a lottery jar, and if you won the lottery for the week, they would serve pasta with meatballs and French bread for the whole crew! It was kind of nice...but it usually went on and on until the place closed.
2 to 3 hours
All night 馃拑馃徏
OnePatheticClown51-55, M
Guess it depends on the money for liquor, the conversation, and the opportunity for shenanigans and property destruction afterwards...
Muthafukajones46-50, M
It really depends.. an hour or two.. can go longer鈥 especially if you end up at her place overnight!
Virgo7961-69, M
Depends on how much beer there is.馃檪
It's all fun and games until the deer runs out鈽癸笍
phillyguy51-55, M
i'd say an hour, unless you LIKE that coworker then it could be all night!
Sleepysheep26-30, M
Depends on who is paying! 馃ぃ

If he鈥檚 buying fill up like you were at a free gas station! 馃榿
1-5 hours depending on if I鈥檓 good friends or just a pal.
lonelyloner31-35, F
for beer it must be long but for alcohol not really long
KiwiBird36-40, F
You said "a beer".....not long in an Australian summer.
2hrs at the most
Maybe an hour or so.
Depends, which co-worker

My 2nd trainer LOVED to drink! Most others, I don't even know if they drink 馃 I think they do... but I don't so....

Also, almost all of my co-workers are about 20 years older than me. Currently only one near my age.
If done to be polite, it can be after the beer.. 30 mins. If enjoying the social intefaction, as long as you like it.

If possible romance, I would avoid it. Office romances can be a bear if they fall apart.
Benjago41-45, M
Maybe an hour...depends on the "outside of work connection". If I'm finding that I need to confine my interactions with them to just the workplace then I might be wanting to hurry myself out of there.
NotSureAboutMyUserName31-35, M
Honestly I'm never going out with coworkers.

But with my friends it lasts for hours.
Depends on how good their company is.
I don't drink beer but I am free flowing with water.
JovialMoose46-50, M

Kids at home? 4-5:30

No kids... the sky is the limit.
deadteddy26-30, F
1 hour at most 1.5
Slade56-60, M
Pooning involved?
So, how long was it?
Depends how fast I drink.
I work Part time at a Brewery, Batch plant supervisor

3 hours is normal sesssion

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