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Why do woman never have to take a DNA test to see if it's their child ?

TheRascallyOne · 31-35, M Best Comment
Can't trust them
TheRascallyOne · 31-35, M
@TheRascallyOne thank you for the best answer I hope I offended a lot of people

You’d think they would know if they gave birth or not.
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@Gingerbreadspice Surrogacy is still a thing though... Came across a woman (legit - we had phone convo's and were arranging an in person date) on a dating site who said when was a surrogate for other women and had done it about four times already. Needless to said that was a very quick block/delete revelation.
@zonavar68 Sorry to hear that.
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@Gingerbreadspice It was a wierd thing that's for sure. She's still on dating sites (POF ). Then again so am I, but I won't pay for any of them.
WillaKissing · 56-60
Because the women are hoping they finger the right man to get child support, and if you do not take the test the court will make you pay the child support.
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@WillaKissing My last ex thought like that (based on how she behaved both before and after she became pregnant with our daughter), but little did she know I'd fight her for a proper court-ordered parenting agreement (in place since Nov 2021) that is fair and focused on our daughter not how much we ended up hating each other. I don't walk away from my kids. That's why I don't have relationships I think.
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WillaKissing · 56-60
@WhyThooo Though yours sounds fun, but that messing around is how they got pregnant to begin with.

I thought I ought to explain my terminology usage though.
Pearbear2 · 22-25, F
Because my baby got cut out of me and I actively watched it 💀 plus he looks exactly like me
CestManan · 46-50, F
This may start happening if Maury needs ratings.
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@CestManan Didn't he go away like Jerry Springer, Odonahue, Sally Jesse, Rikki Lake, etc.?
1olderguy20 · 61-69, M
Because they had the kid and usually a birth certificate. But who knows when and who conception took place
CestManan · 46-50, F
when and who conception took place

I think you meant when and "how" conception took place. typo is all.

But yeah, the way conception normally takes place is pretty simple. The woman accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed.

In some cases though a stork brings a baby.

So the question of "How" is legit.
1olderguy20 · 61-69, M
@CestManan no i meant who.
CestManan · 46-50, F
@1olderguy20 ahh okay, pardon my misunderstanding.

But yeah it would be preeeetty awkward for a baby to come along and the mom does not even know who the dad is exactly.

like when they narrow it down to five possibilities. WHA.....?
Ontheroad · M
If it's a case where that is in question, then they would have to. Typically it's a case where the male has done something, or is accused of something, so they have to get the test.
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
Small point of order. In the case of egg donation, it isnt..😷
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
@CestManan "Touche!".. No. more than that "Threeche!"😷
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@whowasthatmaskedman My almost 7 y/o daughter is an egg donor child, but to her 'mum' (my second ex) she is 'her child' as far as she's concerned.
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
@zonavar68 And she is. Mother and father are the ones who do the mothering and fathering. The only possible issue is a genetic connection as pops up sometimes with $perm donors,😷
It's unfair and sexist toward men. 😡
Pretzel · 61-69, M
they're just so much more intuitive
LemonWorld · 36-40, F
Lsjsysvsjsgbzhzh 🤦🏽‍♀️ fck
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
I think many/most modern hospitals put little eletronic anklets on babies right after they are born that match up and chimes when paired up with a bracelet the mother they came out of wears so there isn't the 'danger' of being switched at birth anymore.
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
It's just not fair!
If an adopted child, as an adult, is meeting someone who claims to be their birth mother, a DNA test might be necessary to prove that claim.

But from the woman’s perspective, giving birth is not an easily forgotten experience.
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Adrift · 61-69, F
Believe me I've thought about it a few times.
Patriot96 · 56-60, C
Did you fall off a turnip truck
Donotfolowme · 51-55, F
Coz they can always ask Govt to pay for the cares

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