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Bullying a child

I'm at a loss but I'd be more upset about this but I was happy with how it was handled

Our children all play sports in a league for special need children. Yesterday was the volleyball playoffs.

My daughter is in the 10-12 group
Joel's boy 8-10
My son 5-8

my daughter is a good player but a amazing server. Most teams struggle to return her serve.

Well it seems someone was trying hard to get her disqualified
1st time the official said someone questioned her ask. She's tall for her age.
I had to prove to them she was 11
2nd time someone complained she wasn't in uniform. Most of the kids wear basketball ball shorts but my daughter only wears cotton leggings because of her sensory issues. I had to show the official the rules and that She's allowed to wear them.
3rd there was a complaint about her wearing ear buds. Again there is no rule about it.

After the 3rd complaint the officials actually went to the family and turns out their child isn't even special needs. He just wasn't very good at volleyball and the father thought our group of kids would be a good place for him to get better. Well the family was kicked out of the game and banned from playing.

I am at a loose that someone would have their children pretend to be special needs just to get better.

My daughters team got gold metals
And the boys got silver.

Now we get a few weeks off before basketball starts up
Coralmist41-45, F
I am sorry you and her went through that. She sounds like one awesome resilient kid. 馃尰
Cigarguy10141-45, M
@NativePortlander1970 I agree, I've even seen people on here pretending that they have autism to get attention.
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Wol6251-55, M
@NativePortlander1970 do realise that is just a comedy?
Musicman61-69, M
I am so sorry you all had to experience this. 馃槩
@Cigarguy101 it really amazes how petty and peevish some people can be over things any how it end well and they won medals so they won the day right around
No different then queer boy鈥檚 playing on girl鈥檚 team.
Cigarguy10141-45, M
@Submissiveiendencies not really looking to get into that debate or topic. I'm just glad it worked out and we had a great day.
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LordShadowfire100+, M
Wow. It's sad there are people like that out there.
Is it the father or the mother that's worse?
Cigarguy10141-45, M
@NativePortlander1970 well my daughter left with a gold medal and there son was disqualified and banned from returning. I'm not sure what their end game was
@Cigarguy101 Awesome your daughter won, don't be surprised if they put their son in a dress in september.
Wol6251-55, M
@NativePortlander1970 I think someone is obsessed with trans kids...wonder why?
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