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What should I do in this situation?

About a month ago I got a new phone from t-mobile. I requested a new one because the old one got damaged. I in return had to send the old one back. I packaged the old phone and was on my way to the post office. My sister told me to give it to our mailman who we've known for years. I gave it to him and he said he would take care of it.

I got a message from t-mobile saying they never got it. And are now charging me $900 for the device. I went to my mailman and asked if he sent it. He looked shocked and denied never getting it from me. I went to the post office and asked them if they received a package. They requested a tracking number which I don't have.

Now my service has been cut off and can't afford to pay the $900 penalty. I am honestly pissed off. Partially at myself, I knew I should have went to the post office.
MarkPaul · 22-25, M
There really is only one thing you can do... confront the mailman and I don't mean in an antagonistic way, but with a full presentation of the arrangement. Lay out what you said, what he said and sprinkle in how you trust him and you are not accusing him of anything. It may be naive, but maybe he just needs his memory jogged and the package is sitting at the bottom of his mail pouch or under the seat of his car. On the other hand, if he is being deceitful, you will be able to determine that from his body language.

On a parallel path, call T-Mobile and tell them the situation. They might not waive the charge, but will at least work with you to work out some type of arrangement.

And, next time check with me first. NEXT>>>
Gusman · 56-60, M
That is very unfortunate. 😐
If you want something important done, do it yourself. Never rely on other people.
Go to another telco and get a different phone, cheaper than $900.
kydflash · 31-35, M
@Gusman Might just do that, thank you
Gusman · 56-60, M
@kydflash t-mobile are not going to restore your service until you pay $900.
In the meantime you would be without a phone.
Best idea is to go to another company.
Discuss with t-mobile about paying off the $900.
Learning the hard way is always expensive.
On the plus side, you'll never make that mistake again.
kydflash · 31-35, M
@hartfire Thank you, It's a hard lesson to learn. Especially with someone who I thought I could trust. Been trying to save money to get my own place and a car and it just took a hit. I've been working so hard and this just took a lot of me. Seems like every time I make progress I get hit with something.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
That’s why I never give it to the mail person. I want proof I sent it with a tracking number, or proof of delivery. Now you know your mail carrier is dishonest. You could report him/her, although if they don’t fire him/her, your mail may go astray.
eyeno · M
[b] it yourself ...,[/b]

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