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ImRileyTheDog22-25, F
They鈥檙e sex objects
@ImRileyTheDog til they wiggle their slimy way into my feelers 馃檮
ImRileyTheDog22-25, F
@Iusedtobehereallthetime Shame on them!馃槨
@ImRileyTheDog [image deleted][image deleted]
it wasn't me! lord knows i've played by a policy of truth and paid the emotional price for it.. Like i'm in love, my partner is polyamorous so I can still have my fun and be on the prowl for other women if I want but I am completley smitten and less motivated to seek out additional company. see? truth. even though it can hurt my chances.
Kinda me too
kodiac22-25, M
So you鈥檒l take me out. When should I be ready? 馃
@BeefySenpie not the kind of take you out you'd be hoping for 馃槀
@Iusedtobehereallthetime You鈥檙e not the assassin you wish you could be
@BeefySenpie how do yoooooou know 馃檮
Doctrble46-50, M
What the hell did i do this time?
Doctrble46-50, M
@Iusedtobehereallthetime id say im sorry but im sure you wouldnt beleive me
@Doctrble truth!! 馃槀
th3r0n41-45, M
@Iusedtobehereallthetime guys rarely know which thing made a woman angry

The combination between having messed up in multiple ways and the fact that women can be upset sometimes by things that don't seem like they should be upset about them, it could be any error or mistake or way he spoke or even just something she misunderstood or got mad at the tiniest thing
DarkSideoftheMoon31-35, F
Perpetual cheaters. They cant help it, they were designed to be. Bless them
WoW! May I ask what sparked this in you?
@WillaKissing bad experiences I guess. I've also been the bad one though, so... really I'm just letting out frustration with this and kind of trying to be funny though I know many won't think so.
@Iusedtobehereallthetime Okay, I follow you now. We all have been good and bad, used and the user at different times in our lives being 100% honest. Good luck with this, and hey look for a guy outside of your previous dating spectrums.
Damn them! Damn them all! All the fires, booms, and explosions! Maybe a sparkler too.
Turtlepower36-40, M
I mean I'm funny lol
@Turtlepower funny trash
Turtlepower36-40, M
@Iusedtobehereallthetime I'll take it lol
SubstantialKick31-35, M
I mean I try my best to treat the ladies well.
I'm sorry you had bad experiences
Pretzel61-69, M
with good reason no doubt.
caPnAhab26-30, M
No hard feelings here
Pasunny26-30, F
I know that鈥檚 right
Dolimyte41-45, M
That's fair.
Theandyb36-40, M
@Theandyb not in a million years
GeorgeTBH31-35, M
PaleandPolluted36-40, F
zonavar6851-55, M
Good I hate selfish narcissistic control freak women.
So when did the misandry start?
HappyCamper7446-50, M
Thank u
@HappyCamper74 not welcome
DDonde31-35, M
Thanks i love being hated
Pasunny26-30, F
@TJNewton be nice maybe someone treated her badly
@TJNewton no problem, comes easy 馃槍
Making posts about me again 馃槖

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