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As my husband and I were fawning all over Mia because it’s her 3rd birthday my MIL says

“If you’re like this with Mia Imagine if you had had a little girl! you’d both be besides yourselves!”

She immediately killed a moment of joy for me.

Daniels 5th heavenly birthday was just 2 weeks ago, and we got Mia 6 months postpartum from my losing my boy/girl twins 3 years ago (we got her in June) but today is her birthday.

I was so angry but I had no words. I walked away. It’s the best thing I could do.
😕That was very insensitive. I'm sorry. I know grief has no timeline and I think it's okay to let yourself feel whatever it is you're feeling. I just wish your MIL was mindful of this.
@KaysHealingPath I get it. You shouldn't have to put up with this toxicity either. Have you mentioned this to your husband?
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
@HijabaDabbaDoo he noticed right away. This isn’t the first time either.
He told her she needs to stop because I won’t always walk away and that that was the only thing I could do at that moment, he told her that I’m getting tired of it and next time I may not be able to just walk away.
@KaysHealingPath I guess she knows what she's in for now. I hope she actually considers his words and starts showing you a little respect.
yeronlyman · 51-55, M

Is she tough going?
Does she live with you?
yeronlyman · 51-55, M
@KaysHealingPath oh my... sorry to hear. Your husband should address that. Hugs 🤗
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
@yeronlyman he did

She’s playing victim in her room now.
yeronlyman · 51-55, M
@KaysHealingPath oh my. I’m sorry kay 😌🙏🏻
Carver · 31-35, F
I’m so sorry she had to say her. Now I really don’t like that fucking cow...
Wtf would she say that, so inappropriate 😥
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
@SW-User she never thinks before she speaks
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
😖And sometimes there are just no words....
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
@Picklebobble2 💔😫
JimminyChristmas · 51-55, M
She puts effort into being hurtful, don't let her get to you.
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
I guess it's just one of those things. I joke about my dead child a lot because honestly if I didn't make fun of it, I'd probably go insane.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
@BlueMetalChick that’s how you cope, I can’t tell you what’s right or wrong. With how YOU cope with YOUR loss.
It’s not her place to say shit about me and having more or not having more kids.
We tried. There’s nothing I wanted more. But it didn’t work out.
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
@KaysHealingPath Well, yeah. That's why I said I guess it's just one of those things, y'know, like it's something that there really is no way to tell someone how to be. Trauma like that doesn't have a "right" or "wrong." You just kinda do whatever it is you hafta do. Other people might not get it, but it's the respectful thing to do to at least try, which she apparently didn't do for you.

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