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36-40, F
United States
Bi-sexual l woman, highly sexed.
Why do I get these messages that someone has unfriended me and someones have blocked me ???
36-40, F
22 replies
2 mths ago
I Have Something to Say
Well, about time to move on. This site is not going to get any better. I am thinking of moving on o something else. Cannot send any private messages, photos. I do still miss the original EP Donna
36-40, F
52 replies
5 mths ago
I Will Not Post Pictures Of Me On Ep
I too am reluctant to post photos, if so only via e-mail to someone i have come to know well. I am a psychologist, PsyD, doctor, have a private practice as well as teach clinical psychology at the University of Texas at Dallas. I am here also for th...
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36-40, F
54 replies
5 mths ago
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