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How do you cope with bad toothache pain when all the dentists are closed?

There are dentists open, but they are all private... I can't afford private 馃様

And the public, bulk billing dentists don't open til Monday morning (Australia time)
scalenemaia36-40, F
Try a pharmacist and ask for "Clove Oil". Put a drop or two on the tooth. It works - unless the pain is because of an impacting tooth...
KA9ha31-35, M
get a packet of CLOVES or plain cloveoil across the counter chemist shelf,,,at any mall.outlet
Apply with a swab of cotton which can be embedded between the cheek and jaw ....ANY severe /Bad pain will ease off as the nerves become senseless
Idk what your situation is, seems like it could be a bunch of things. For me, I switched over to Colgate sensitive and it fixed my sensitivity
Fishy31-35, F
@deadgerbil already use sensitive toothpaste,
I use it by default lol,

But yeah,
Looks like I'm just gonna have to pay up 馃槀

Don't think I can tolerate the pain till Monday :I
AntisocialTroll56-60, F
Do you know the cause? Is it an infection? Or something else?
Fishy31-35, F
@AntisocialTroll it's not really sensitive to hot,
But it is sensitive to touch,
Really bad gum irritation,
Could be the metal band digging beneath the gum,
Or the crack got bigger.

It could be my wisdom tooth, but that's not the tooth that hurts

Whatever it is, I just hope it isn't infected or doesn't get infected by Monday morning
AntisocialTroll56-60, F
@Fishy Check with google but I seem to think you can take 2 ibuprofen alongside 2 paracetamol if the pain is really bad, make sure you don't take more than the max dose of either over the course of 24 hours.
Tobasco31-35, F
Ibuprofen always works for me
Fishy31-35, F
@Tobasco I've taken some Panadol, and might ease for about 3 hours,

Can't take ibuprofen tho because my doc says it's not a good mix with my regular meds 馃槵
Tobasco31-35, F
@Fishy oh fair enough! Advil never fails me when I have any aches or pains.
hunkalove61-69, M
Aleve usually works for me.
Tastyfrzz61-69, M
Three ibuprophen
Clove oil.

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