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Dentist appointment

I had a dental appointment this morning. I was supposed to get a crown which would have been expensive and not any fun. When the dentist took a look at it in person instead of just pictures and X-rays, she determined that a filling was all that was needed. This was my first appointment with her and I like her already. She could have continued with the crown and made the office a lot more money but did what was necessary instead.
@Sevendays 馃well i always seem maybe a little sceptical as far as profession people and payment for treatment goes. i am glad you have fond one with a moral conscience and actually charging you for the work that needs doing
I go a week from today and hope they dont find anything expensive to repair!
@Blondily 馃
justlooking202351-55, M
@Blondily Just refuse to open your mouth? 馃槅
@justlooking2023 Now there's an idea!馃槀
knightTemplar46-50, M
thankfully we don't have to pay for our dentist treatment here.
@knightTemplar that's great!
Did you use a papoose board?
@MsSwan not that time. 馃檪
tenente100+, M
[Dentist] : "When I poke the most sensitive part of your gums with this sharp metal instrument it bleeds and it's all your fault"
[Me] : "I am so sorry."

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