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I'm in a little bit of pain...

In my teeth
but no dentist is taking on new patients.
What do I do?
[big][center][u][i][b][c=A69800]That's shit.
Maybe best to not go back to them if they did not want to HELP You in the first freaking place.. would not give money to them.

Cam you not go somewhere else..there MUST be other dentists nearby. Or yeah as some said, maybe hospital can help.

And sometimes making something seem worse can help to make someone take pity or sympathy on you so wants to help. Also not to be in pain too long. Be honest on how it makes you feel and that something needs to be done about i.

I hope that you get to go somewhere and that they can help and check what it is. Also hope that you get better and that the pain stops.

No dentists taking patients? There's one one on every corner here. I don't know how they all stay in business lmao
@Matt85 I take it you're not gonna tell me where you live 馃槄
Matt8536-40, M
@Lilymoon Angletere
@Matt85 Ahh ok merci 馃き
pride4931-35, M
Make sure you don't get a corrupt dentist. They'll fuck up your teeth for fun
Do you have a Care Center near you? Or maybe you could go to the hospital?
@Matt85 They actually turned you away knowing you're in pain? Douchebags..
Matt8536-40, M
@MsSwan Haha thanks but no, they turned me away a few months back cause I knew I needed a filling but it wasn't too bad back then. I hope they don't turn me away tomorrow cause I'm in pain.
@Matt85 Ohhhh, ok.
KA9ha31-35, M
apply a drop of CLOVE OIL at the tooth and withing a minute your pain will disappear for 8 hours.
I know a Weasel that thinks he can do anything
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BobbyMoeven51-55, M
@Matt85 yah .. But dying trying to save lives or doing something you love is one thing ...

Dying over something that modern medicine can easily remedy is goddamn irresponsible on your part ...
Matt8536-40, M
@BobbyMoeven I love you 鉂わ笍
BobbyMoeven51-55, M
@Matt85 l love me too !!

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