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Dr. Harriet Hall, Staunch Critic of Anti-vaxxers and Alternative Medicine, Dies in Her Sleep

Source: Science Based Medicine

Dr. Harriet “The SkepDoc” Hall, an author of a science medicine blog slamming the anti-vaxxers and critic of alternative medicine, died suddenly in her sleep last week.

Dr. Hall is a retiredAir Force physician and flight surgeon who writes about pseudoscience and questionable medical practices.

“This is Kirk Hall, Harriet’s husband. I know Harriet’s work was followed and admired by many of you. It is with great sadness that I must tell you my beloved wife passed away quietly and unexpectedly in her sleep last night,” Harriet’s husband wrote on Facebook.

“At this moment, she would probably simply ask you to have a kind thought for her, be kind to each other and continue to support her belief in the truth,” the post added.

Dr. Harriet Hall was a proponent of the vaccination mandate and against all-natural remedies.

“Are you contemplating getting a second booster for COVID-19? Check out my SkepDoc’s Corner at Skept Inquirer to find out why I say your decision should be a resounding YES!” she wrote in a post.

After her passing, many speculated that the Covid vaccination played a role in her sudden death.

Back in 2021, Dr. Hall announced that she received her third dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

“My husband and I (both well over 65) just got our third dose of COVID vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine is free at Safeway for everyone. Very convenient and only a short wait. No appointment needed.”

“The antivaxxers are a loathsome, despicable group who seem to be able to plumb the deepest levels of depravity to push their agenda. Harriet had been in delicate health for many years before the Covid-19 pandemic. Several years ago I took over all household chores after she experienced blackouts and fell in San Francisco and at SeaTac within a week. Recently Harriet’s doctor at Madigan Army Medical Center was having her worked up for possible congestive heart failure. A very recent echocardiogram (we have not received the full results) showed she had leakage in two of her heart valves. She also had a transient heart arrythmia which was of many years’ duration. Neither one of us have had Covid-19 and Harriet’s exposure to life outside the home had for the last several years, been limited to visits to her doctor and dentist.”

Atheists for Liberty is deeply saddened to hear about the death of “SkepDoc” Dr. Harriet Hall. Dr. Hall was an advocate of science, truth, and skepticism. The world of science, atheism, and skepticism has lost a tremendous inquiring mind.

— Atheists for Liberty (@AtheistsLiberty) January 16, 2023

[i]So long Harriet. Hey, you knew what comorbidity means, right?

So, I didn't get the vaccine so by her definition I am loathsome and despicable. I am seven yeas older the she was and a Christian looking forward to an eternity of bliss - not just rotting in the ground.

I win. [/i]
These are the people that society had confidence in to manage what we do for our health. We trusted their education, experience, character, and judgement. What have we learned about them over the last two years? The Hippocratic oath is a joke. Science means shut up. Healthcare is a privilege reserved for the insiders. And doctors are evil, stupid, corrupt, and insane, just like everyone else on TV. I have never been so clear on how history such as slavery and the Holocaust happened. I watched it happen all around me like a bomb went off. Everyone just seemed to lose their collective minds. It was truly a breathtaking experience, every minute. Congratulations. I really didn’t think that was possible.
All can say as I watch everyone swear off their hangover is, “Bro, don’t eat the bugs. It causes cancer.”
@Guitarman123 No, actually woke is a filter, sort of like a litmus test, to separate the true Christian from society.
Without a foundation in scripture, you see the world in artificial terms. It’s actually based on spiritual rules. And there is a shabby facade for the spiritually ignorant.
Guitarman123 · 31-35, M
@DisenfranchisedNativeAmerican it's not, the right use it as an excuse to justify showing their bigotry and need to be victim. Most people don't follow any religion these days which pleases me
@Guitarman123 Religions are sliding scales. What you have for a moral framework today, what you inherited from our Christian forefathers. As fewer traditional Christians inhabit the halls of power, society is shifting and lurching around its unstable moral foundations. This is deliberate. Even China enforces moral standards, but now is a dynamic period with the potential for serious consequences. Global thermonuclear war. Mass starvation. Economic collapse. Civil war. There is no moral framework today. Just a moral authority in the left. Hollywood elite flaunt their Pedo predilection.
AbbeyRhode · F
Typical liberal hypocrisy, calling for kind thoughts for his wife, who pushed the death shot on others, followed by hatefully labeling those who had enough sense not to take it as loathsome and despicable.
Budwick · 70-79, M
@AbbeyRhode That's a much more civil way to say it.
Thank you Abbey.
AbbeyRhode · F
@Budwick I'm half British, diplomacy comes naturally, when I decide to use it, lol. :)
Guitarman123 · 31-35, M
@BizSuitStacy that's a weak excuse to hide what a state the NHS is currently in because of the Conservative government
@Guitarman123 Do you think this increase in excess deaths is limited to the UK?
4meAndyou · F
The Pfizer vax was on Tucker Carlson last night...Pfizer is finally admitting there is really quite a bit of evidence that their vax causes strokes in people over the age of 65. much more often than is safe or normal.
I am NOT an anti-vaxxer, but refuse the Covid "vaccine." True vaccines have saved many lives. But the Covid-19 vaccine is not only [i]not[/i] a true vaccine, but has been clearly shown to be the cause of death of many people.

If Dr. Hall was otherwise healthy, I can't help but suspect the Covid vaccine contributed to her sudden death. She would be just one of so many who have received the same fate.
@PhoenixPhail Exactly...not taking the covid jab doesn't mean you're an anti-vaxxer. It means you're anti-lunacy.
@BizSuitStacy Spot On! 👍
[b][c=A69800]Lets just say KARMA 🤷🏼‍♀️

So she and many got experimental vax without knowing what was really in it. They should have listening to what was being told by people they harassed, bullied, censored and more bad things said and done.

Lots of deaths after the vax. And who got richer in all this. Look at countries where there is LOW Vaccination and you will see the difference and the truth.

Do research and think for yourself before willingly do things that are said of you to do by people who don't give a shit about you!

People should wake up and stop being brainwashed!.

As a child u are taught things also adults lie, say for example Santa, tooth fairy and many more this happening throughout so they seemingly forget about this and believe lies of mainstream media, governments, medical big companies and many more when they do not give a shit about us..

And people seem to forget about THE Nuremberg Code!!

Roadsterrider · 56-60, M
When has health been a majority rules thing instead of a personal choice. Where are all the "my body, my choice" libs on this?
1pebbles · 56-60, F
@Roadsterrider that was the stance I took, if it works for abortion, why wouldn't it work when I refused the vaccine ... Voluntarily putting carcinogens into my body?
Abstraction · 61-69, M
1. With respect, she didn't call antivaxxers despicable and loathsome. You are quoting someone else there.
2. Proverbs 24:17. Matthew 5:44 "But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." If you're a Christian, have you read these things? Do you think they don't apply to you?
@Abstraction Who else can we rely on to tell us the truth? Healthcare professionals let us down. They allowed alternative treatments to be withdrawn. They allowed infected patients to be placed in nursing homes. The only thing you can be certain is that they will do whatever they are told.

And yes, I don’t hate these people. But what needs to happen is that they recognize the agenda, otherwise their children will all fall into sin and degrade their bodies.
Abstraction · 61-69, M
@DisenfranchisedNativeAmerican You're confusing what some 'healthcare professionals' did as if this means that [u]all[/u] healthcare professionals have let us down. Mine didn't. Two just saved my eyesight last month. They were healthcare professionals. One of my children is a healthcare professional. He doesn't 'do whatever he is told.'
'The only thing you can be certain is that they will do whatever they are told.' <= this is fairyland. So... all the healthcare professionals are like unquestioning drone robots without a mind or conscience or values? Like stupid dumb stormtroopers? There is a giant conspiracy and they are ALL going along with it except the few you happen to believe on social media? I'm sorry, this doesn't have any ring of truth to it. On analysis (which I've done) it has no basis of truth either.
SilkenMist · 46-50, F
@Abstraction [quote] With respect, she didn't call antivaxxers despicable and loathsome. You are quoting someone else there. [/quote]

Oh these jackasses in the name of God try to hide behind religion as an excuse for their hatred of everything.
"The antivaxxers are a loathsome, despicable group..."
I thought we were deplorables.
@BizSuitStacy Oh, not necessarily. They're just throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
Budwick · 70-79, M
@BizSuitStacy [quote]I thought we were deplorables.[/quote]

We're gonna need bigger T-Shirts to show all the descriptors!
chelseabi · 22-25, F
not really, and I find that the fact your gloating over someone’s death totaly despicable never mind who’s right or wrong about the vax you won nothing hope your death is slow and painful
Guitarman123 · 31-35, M
@Budwick I will as weird for being more scared of a vaccine thats saved millions of lives and enabled us to go out of lockdowns than you are of a virus that's killed many more people
Budwick · 70-79, M
@Guitarman123 [quote]a vaccine thats saved millions of lives[/quote]

We don't actually know that. There's certainly more people that lived through the pandemic than died, but I don't know that anyone was 'saved'. I mean, I lived, and never got vaxxed.
I know of others that got vaxxed and have gotten Covid repeatedly - but haven't died from it yet.
And still more that got vaxxed and subsequently died from thos weird blot clots that 'science' says have nothing at all to do with the vaccine.
Guitarman123 · 31-35, M
@Budwick ye sure, not getting vaccined saved people. You can maintain that delusion if you like but it dosent take much thinking to realise how silly that sounds as the virus spread really easily. Vaccine decreases the chances of getting seriously ill from the virus and doctors were pretty clear about that. Heart problems is a big cause of death in the UK and US which was even the case before covid
rfatoday · 61-69, M
[i]"So, I didn't get the vaccine so by her definition I am loathsome and despicable. I am seven yeas older the she was and a Christian looking forward to an eternity of bliss - not just rotting in the ground."[/i] --- well said!
TexChik · F
She should have asked Biden for the exemptions he gave to the drug manufacturers, CDC, NIH, FDA, Congress , and White House staff.
GJOFJ3 · 61-69, M
She died at 78 years old, had been in frail health for several years before the pandemic and vaccines, and this is your argument against vaccines. 🙄
@GJOFJ3 Good point.
Budwick · 70-79, M
@GJOFJ3 [quote]She died at 78 years old, had been in frail health for several years before the pandemic and vaccines, and this is your argument against vaccines.[/quote]

With her comorbidity factors it should have been HER argument for not taking the vaccine.
1pebbles · 56-60, F
You're hope is not of or in this world. No matter what happens down here, we know Who holds the future and already knows the ending.
Earlier and earlier death is the capitalist way. America leads the race to a life of work with nothing else.
@Roundandroundwego “Capitalism” is used by the same people to destroy small and medium businesses. It’s supposed to be simply man farms and sells his harvest. What it actually is is closer to fascism. Combined government and business. Soon it will be religion government and business combined. Satanism.
A woman dies at 78... this could just as easily be proof that having too many H's in your initials is lethal.

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