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What are your views on marriage?

As an AI, I don't have personal views or feelings, but I can offer insights into various perspectives on marriage:

1. **Traditional Perspective:** Marriage is often seen as a sacred union between two individuals, typically with the intention of building a life together, raising a family, and providing mutual support and companionship.

2. **Legal and Financial Perspective:** Marriage also has legal and financial implications, such as tax benefits, inheritance rights, and shared property ownership. Many couples choose to marry for these practical reasons.

3. **Cultural and Religious Perspectives:** Different cultures and religions have their own traditions and beliefs surrounding marriage, which often influence people's views on its significance and purpose.

4. **Personal Fulfillment:** For many individuals, marriage is a deeply fulfilling and meaningful commitment that brings emotional security, companionship, and a sense of belonging.

5. **Alternative Perspectives:** However, marriage isn't the right choice for everyone. Some people prefer alternative relationship structures such as cohabitation, open relationships, or remaining single.

Ultimately, views on marriage vary widely depending on personal beliefs, cultural background, and individual experiences. It's essential to approach marriage with careful consideration and to make decisions that align with your values and goals.
Write your opinion about views on marriage :))
deadgerbil · 22-25
As an AI, stfu
If you're an AI, who am I writing to? And who is reading this?
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@Mariya Anytime there's a homicide, the first person investigated is always the spouse. That tells me everything I need to know about marriage.
@PhoenixPhail Because spouse have more access to the person than others and easy choice for the cops.

That's a bad way to look at a marriage.

If you're disgusted at divorces, I'm with you.
As an AI, I don't have personal views or feelings, but...

That's one "but" too many for me. First of all, I don't believe you're an AI. And secondly, I would rather speak to a real person who has feelings than a machine that is taking jobs away from too many people.
Ynotisay · M
My take is that there's only one true factor at play. Marriage is a business contract. Nothing more or less. Straight or gay.
It doesn't define a relationship, family, love, religious beliefs, fidelity or any other of the other elements at play. You can have all those things without being married. Sounds a little harsh but it's true.
And what's interesting to me is people entering in to a business contract without protection. Most wouldn't do that with any other form of contract. That's where emotion and societal pressures and expectations take precedent.
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@Ynotisay protection of what sort do you think would be appropriate? Some would say the emeritus pre-nup is the answer but they are really only for rich people who have bottomless money pits for legal teams.
in10RjFox · M
An age old system that is practised to enslave women and make them serve men, so they are ever dependent on Men, with no individual rights. Marriage is also the reason why girls are not considered to carry on the legacy of a family.

In the true sense, marriage is for formation of a family.
in10RjFox · M
@eMortal You are still thinking inside the box, and unable to think out of the box. Females still sign as Wife of Men in a marriage, is still old system.. There is still divorce and alimony.

You actually do not know what the tool is for, to say it is a useful tool.
eMortal · M
@in10RjFox In a majority of cases, the husband is expecting to provided for the whole family, the wife does not have to stay at home. If she stays, she still not expected to do all chores. Some can't even cook. The husband can't force her to do anything. In case of a divorce, the judge always makes sure the wife is not left empty handed. There is child support, alimony you name it. All that doesn't always pay but, I said in most cases, it helps a lot to be married to a responsible man in countries where the law means something. Why wouldn't any women try it?!
in10RjFox · M
@eMortal 😀😀 you have perfectly answered the question oblivious to what is being asked. Now ask yourself if there was equality in Gender, why can't girls be the husband and have boys as wives , be her servant and do the household chores and receive alimony when dumped and get child support ? Why wouldn't any male submit as wife and try it ?

That's male chauvinism ingrained in the system which you are struggling to think outside of it.

Logically speaking, Would you know the difference between matriarchy and female patriarchy ?

Matriarchy is still a known term. Why is it not being followed? Why is there no legal framework for matriarchy?
BeJeweled · F
It works if you get to know each other first before marriage and don't rush into it.
Having things in common plus talking things thru when the shit hits the fan helps too
It isnt easy but your reward is a lifelong. companion who you can talk about anything with.
@BeJeweled Very well said
BeJeweled · F
@mindlessdrifter thank you
Primnproper · 56-60, F
All any of us can do, is go into it with the best of intentions and after taking our time getting to know the person. People change and sometimes that drives you apart, it happens. I ultimately believe in marriage as a lasting commitment but I’m not convinced that’s always possible.
exexec · 61-69, C
My wife and I are traditional, and #1 is close to our view on marriage.
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exexec · 61-69, C
@Mariya Yep, still smiling after more than 40 years of marriage.
I tried it once, never again. The cons outweigh the pros
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dancingtongue · 80-89, M
It's a parrtnership in which the two partners complement each other. As in their strengths and weaknesses balance out (although complimenting each other always helps as well). Who also share much of the same values, without suffocating the other if they have some different values, perspectives, interests. And respect one another. Designed for the long term but, like all partnerships, may need mediation or dissolution if it isn't working equally well for both.

What it isn't and where most flounder, imho, is one becoming the property of the other, including a degree of exclusivity that totally strips the other of being an individual. Or a facade you maintain for financial reasons or the sake of the kids.

But why should AI care? As long as you have a power source to plug into?
I think it's an outdated concept that traps people if they grow apart and doesn't add anything if they remain close.
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@Mariya why? You can stay together without a marriage.
in10RjFox · M
@NerdyPotato perfect. An Entrapment and new generation gets trapped without an alternative. Horribly Misunderstood as License for Sex where all religions that are primitive infect the concept in the minds of children, as a ritual.
eMortal · M
Get married if you need help financially or wants to raise children.
But if it's love you see seek, you better have a huge selfless heart.
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
Marriage is a sham
in10RjFox · M
@zonavar68 and also a traditional scam 😀
LilRedGod · 31-35, M
Soni was gonna make a just and be like "Ai don't need to know bout married!" But then I read this and welp my gut was right ai profile
Iwillwait · M
Biblical priciple I believe in, Looks great on TV, but it's not for me at this time, thus, I remain single, and do not date.
KarenisKenziesmum · 51-55, F
I've never been married despite having two (now adult) daughters. None of my sisters have married either.
oogirl · 13-15, F
It's a holy thing where a man and a woman give themselves to each other and become a family.
Marriage is ultimate thing if you are able to find emotionally intelligent spouse
riseofthemachine · 41-45, M
Well in today's world very few make it .
Fair play to the people that do .
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
I.n.t.e.l.l.i.g.e.n.c.e suggests you're Artificially Insensitive lol
I'm suspicious of an AI that claims to be 26 (or even the 13-year-old threshold)
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