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So, anyone who doesn't accept the LBGT culture is a transphobe or homophobic? We are not forcing you to be straight, don't try to force us to accept

your chosen lifestyle.
dakotaviper · 51-55, M
It's called Respect. And it's a two-way street.

Problem lies when one side demands that you automatically respect them, while demanding that you must Earn their respect.

If I have to Automatically Respect you, then you have to Automatically Respect me.
4meAndyou · F
The percentage of LGBT people held up against the entire population of the United States is really quite small. In 2022, 7.1 % of the total US population identified as LGBT.

And yet the LOUD SCREAMING which is PERFORMED by a tiny percentage of this group of 7.1% like a very bad drama is almost intolerable. One would think this group was 95% of the population. The reason for this is that they are heavily supported by the guilt ridden elite...(The Woke), who are probably themselves quite phobic and so need to SCREAM about how enlightened they are.

[b][big]Live and let live is the golden rule[/big][/b], and yet a tiny percentage of that 7.1% of the population can not ALLOW people to exist who have religious problems with their lifestyle, or who don't want them to try to brainwash their kids in public schools or in Disney cartoons.

Please note that MOST Gay people find this Woke crap annoying in the extreme, and actually threatening to their own lives...and they are PRAYING that they will not be lumped in with this group of crazies and the bad old days return.

Straight people, (breeders), DO have a right to keep this tiny percentage of the 7.1% of the LGBT population from trying to indoctrinate their tiny children. They DO have a right NOT to have their five- year- olds exposed to Trans Drag Queen sexual dancing at library story time.

But the same rights they SCREAM for so loudly for themselves, this tiny percentage of the LGBT 7.1% simply WILL NOT ALLOW to the breeders among us, OR to their children.

I vote for blocking on social media when we can, and cancelling Disney as a corporation, and FIGHTING to keep young children safe in school. NO MORE boys in skirts raping young girls in the girls rooms. WOKE needs to get BROKE.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
@4meAndyou Very well said. Thank you very much.
Miram · 31-35, F
Force you? No one here even knew you existed before you made this thread crying wolf.
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
Nobody has a problem where u stick your willy. The problem is guys that think they are women taking over woman sports.
smileylovesgaming · 31-35, F
@pdockal maybe there wasn't enough women to form a team in that area
Really · 80-89, M
@RocktheHouse [b]The woke left are coming! The woke left are coming! What can we do?[/b]

I saw three of them plotting together this morning. You can tell them by their funny little feet.
pdockal · 56-60, M
doesnt matter .... if women can play with men then men can play with women ... equal rights ....
or is it equal rights when it is for you & not equal rights when its for others ??????
CassandraSissy · 22-25, T

It's about acceptance and understanding, sweetie. I'm who I are who you are...accept the space between us.....yadda, yadda, yadda....

If you don't then, that is showing a lack of tolerance...and [i]that[/i] is transphobe and homophobe...


Dictators try to rule people's lives. Are you a dictator? Nope, well then [i]shut up[/i] and go on your merry little way!

Pretty simple, sweetie...pretty simple..

Really · 80-89, M
@spjennifer The OP identified as "T" whatever that actually means. Maybe instead of He & Him we should refer to Them as Te and Tim.
spjennifer · 56-60, T
@Really I think that @RocktheHouse who was the [b]OP[/b] would probably be offended at you calling him Trans, lol 🤪
Really · 80-89, M
@spjennifer You're right; I lost track (if there is one) of which 'he' was which. I was of course intending to address @CassandraSissy.

Apologies to @RocktheHouse and I'll edit my post - if I can find it in this mess 🙄. As for following the thread, see all the forum complaints about how the 'feed' displays; exacerbated by people not having the sense or courtesy to name the person or context they're trying to speak to - just shooting comments off into the air like posting a letter with no address on it.
BohemianBoo · 18-21, M
So anyone who doesn't accept that women are human beings is a sexist? Wow, ok.
Torsten · 31-35, M
@Carissimi how dare you bring logic and rational thinking into this haha
@Carissimi [quote] Sorry, but gender is the same as biology[/quote]

We have observed genotypes involving XXX, XXY, XYY and X0 (Turner syndrome) sex chromosomes. And we've observed human phenotypes with a range from no functioning sex organs to varying amounts of male & female sex organs on the same individual (these are often called intersex). Genetic mosaicism is where the X and Y chromosomes are expressed differently (from the most common expression) on different parts of the body (these phenotypes are also often described as intersex and sometimes hermaphrodite). Then there's androgen insensitivity syndrome. These are all observable biological phenomena that either God or Nature brings into the human family.

Some people are born with XXY chromosomes and rudimentary versions of both kinds of sexual organs. Can you classify such people as either male or female? Or would you agree that the two exclusive binary categories don't quite fit all the complexity we see in life?
Elessar · 26-30, M
They're not forcing your o be gay either, and accept you being straight, so just return the favour.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
the pc/lgbt, etc. misnomer use of "phobias" irks me; it's a poor attempt at virtue signaling

a phobia is an irrational fear of something; I don't fear them, I just don't like them/don't agree with them.

or perhaps we should stoop to their level and start calling them "heterophobes"? 🤔
carpediem · 61-69, M
Who cares? I just don’t listen to the pop culture weirdness of the moment. I don’t care what they do and don’t care what they think. Why should I?
DavidT8899 · 18-21, M
@carpediem What you are saying is quite true on general principle;the problem is that the "woke"as so thoroughly infected so many aspects of the country that pepole realize that there will be real negative consequences if they dont know along with rhe nonsense.Its easy to talk,but if you know that if to stand up for whats right,you'll lose your job,social standing,etc......
DavidT8899 · 18-21, M
@carpediem Good 👍 for you.
Tastyfrzz · 61-69, M
I do think that the use of hormones for gender reassignment should be prohibited as the technology is not yet there to control the levels in the body. If the levels become imbalanced severe lifelong vein and arterial damage can result. Treatments to repair this damage are expensive and quite painful.

Other side effects:

A blood clot in a deep vein (also known as deep vein thrombosis) or in your lungs

High levels of triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood

Weight gain

High potassium levels

High blood pressure

Reduced libido

Feminizing hormone replacement therapy may also increase your risk for some chronic health conditions. Since estrogen affects how your body responds to insulin, it can lead to changes in your blood sugar levels and a greater risk for type 2 diabetes. Research into the impact of estrogen on your cardiovascular system is ongoing, and some studies have found a connection between estrogen therapy and a greater risk for heart disease and stroke. You may also face a greater risk of breast cancer after starting hormone replacement therapy.

Certain underlying health conditions may increase your risk of health complications related to the use of estrogen and testosterone-blocking hormones.
redredred · M
Do what you want just don’t hurt anyone else, force anyone else or make a mess you can’t clean up. And leave me the fuck alone.
nonsensiclesnail · 46-50, F
It’s nice that you don’t feel that anyone who doesn’t fuck like you is worthy of existing still. Not everyone feels that way. I think making a point to show society that people who love differently are not so much freaks as they are just people is important. Not everyone is as quick to accept the differences as you maybe.
Torsten · 31-35, M
they live in this fantasy world where its popular for them to hate on straight white men but expect everyone to love and praise them and drag others into this fantasy of theirs and out of reality and anyone who does not conform is all sorts of "phobes" and "ists".
spjennifer · 56-60, T
Your comments make no sense, there is a vast difference between someone "forcing you" and asking you to accept. No one is trying to force you to become gay but I'm quite certain you'd love to convert all of us homos, lezzies and queers, right?
I guess I don't know what it means to "accept" somebody's lifestyle. To morally approve? It's really not my job to morally judge the lives or others beyond what is civil and legal. My morality points at me, not others.
nedkelly · M
Do not tell me to like the LBGT, the Queens, or the Trans at all - dont force your crap on to us at all
To like and accept are two different worlds. I accept you as a human being but dislikes your viewpoints on most occasions.
nedkelly · M
@PillowPrincess I accept your lifestyle, but does not mean I have to accept it - none of my business
You just said the magic words, accept. You won’t have to like it nor me, and no one is forcing it on you. Stay straight. Btw, it’s not a lifestyle, it’s who we are. It’s actually not different from you. Anyway, have a lovely Sunday evening/night (I think that’s what it is right now in your time zone).
RedBaron · M
*LGBT. If you're going to be a troll, do try to be a tad less ignorant. Unless, of course, you just can't help it.
RedBaron · M
@Torsten Ask the organizations that use the initialism. It is used in registered names, and it is also a matter of respect. Would it matter to you if people misspelled your name?
Really · 80-89, M
@RedBaron I have little or no respect for use of the LGBTetc designation, and for silly acronyms in general. If you want me to respect you as who/what you 'are' you'd better begin by explaining it to me. If you don't want me to know or remark about it, don't mention it, and certainly not with an assortment of letters.

If you make it an issue it becomes an issue.
Torsten · 31-35, M
@RedBaron no I couldnt care less if people misspelled my name and when the alphabet community have basically added every letter of the alphabet in name of their organization, cant expect people not to get it mixed up especially when you dont care enough to really pay it that much attention
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
I don't care if you're Gay, Straight, Terminator, woman or fuckwit. What you do in the bedroom is your business. Not mine, I don't want to hear about it.
I don't feel like anyone has to help or care just not be so worried about it and full of hate.
Joeyyy · 26-30, M
What is it in particular that you don't want to accept?. Are you being forced to be gay?.
[quote] So, anyone who doesn't accept the LBGT culture is a transphobe or homophobic? [/quote]

The short answer: Yes!
Go away troll...
FukFaceWillie · 46-50, M
Some people 👆 think the progressives and the MAGAs have it wrong.
DavidT8899 · 18-21, M
@FukFaceWillie And thats fine.Everyones entitled to an opinion.
This message was deleted.
checkoutanytime · 41-45, M
@BohemianBoo not at all, its absolutely the progressives that are grooming children to think faggetts are ok. Funny that youd say what you did, TBH.
BohemianBoo · 18-21, M
@checkoutanytime Being gay is ok. So the Democrats are right.
Child marriage is not ok. So the Republicans are wrong.

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