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Anyone else think there's no way British people talk like they do?

Not even the bo'oh'o'wo'o Brits but just in general. As a kid growing up, I thought they go home and be like "Ahhh, time to drop the act" and speak normally
anavidneed · 18-21, M Best Comment
it's true. we return to our default American accents when no one's around
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@anavidneed yes, makes perfect sense OG 😂

Entwistle · 51-55, M
The Brit accents vary vastly and can do so within a short distance.
I can tell people who live 10 miles away from me have a slightly different accent.
Define a British person and their accent
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@jackjones68 a Brit :D
Like, that dude who you walk up to and say "Whaddya drink" and he does "I drink my tea with my crumpet every morning next to my sword and shank collection"
@Iwantyourhotwife [quote] shank collection [/quote]

Also get some roadman slang in and you're on the way!
@Iwantyourhotwife I can honestly say Ive been all over England,Wales,Scotland and visited Northern Ireland. All parts of "Britain" and I've never come across anyone who talks like that.
deadteddy · 26-30, F
Have you heard Adele’s real accent? I can barely understand it
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@deadteddy I don't know what she put out recently

I've been under a rock ._.
An American rock to be precise gurl
AntisocialTroll · 56-60, F
Which British accent in particular?

We've got dozens of em.
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@AntisocialTroll the British one :v
Carissimi · 61-69, F
What on earth is “bo'oh'o'wo'o?” I still have my English accent after 30-years away.
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@Carissimi https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=A%20Bo%27o%27o%27wo%27a
ChadJNSD · 31-35, M
The Brits sound queer to me.
PinkSakura · F
@ChadJNSD Is that the whole of the UK then?? Irish, Scots as well as the English?
ChadJNSD · 31-35, M
@PinkSakura Nah, there all queer. The Scots just a little bit less so. 🤣
MarkPaul · 26-30, M
This is rude and you are out of order.
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@MarkPaul Murica, KAKAWWWW
HannahSky · F
It's not MANLY, is it?
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@HannahSky I can NOT take a British gangster serious with his threat talk 😂

It sounds attractive on some girls but the dudes just sound awfully weak unless they fot that boomin deep voice with it
HannahSky · F
@Iwantyourhotwife maybe if it's a deeper voice lol but I know what you mean
iz yu fookin dizzy blud?.
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout bloody dizzy after a Chewsday, innit 😂
hunkalove · 61-69, M
What do you fancy, mate?
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@hunkalove I fancy me a sword fight over yonder hill with a parfait in my right hand and a rapier in my left
Patriot96 · 56-60, C
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@Patriot96 das a Brit? ,_,
PinkSakura · F
Not sure what bo'ho'o'wo'o means, but we do speak quite normally. 😄
mayguy · 46-50, M
@PinkSakura I don't know what that means either, yet I know sakura 🌸 lol
Iwantyourhotwife · 22-25
@PinkSakura https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=A%20Bo%27o%27o%27wo%27a
PinkSakura · F
Oh, okay. "Bo'oh'o'wo'o".
"A phrase that originated from "a bottle of water" being said in a british accent in which some listeners listened it as such."
Well, there may some who [i]might[/i] say it that way, but I have never heard of it myself and I was born in London. Except in the movie by one actor, Love Actually. But Brits as a whole can't be accused of speaking this way, it’s ridiculous. We've are pretty diverse in varying accents.
So where do you come from?

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