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What is your honest opinion of Kim Kardashian?

Teggy Best Comment
She鈥檚 not my type. Personality is Shit. Physically not much to me either.
@Teggy 馃槀 fair enough

Made up and fake with zero talent. 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
@Lilymoon flamed her 馃敟
LookingForTheSummer31-35, M
@Lilymoon I guess she has some sort of talent, though, since she has become super rich. 馃
@LookingForTheSummer only because her name is kardashian?
HarryAnus41-45, M
I think she's got a dang big ass!
@HarryAnus you can find ass anywhere though 馃槀馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔
reflectingmonkey51-55, M
boring, superficial, ugly with a gigantic ,disproportionate ass. iI don't see what people see in her, she is absolutely unattractive to me.
@reflectingmonkey they have blinders on
looks like someone pulled a massive wizdom tooth..

Jenny123451-55, F
Shes fake
nedkelly61-69, M
@Jenny1234 now that is an understatement
Jenny123451-55, F
@nedkelly I just don鈥檛 have the vocabulary needed to articulate my thoughts about her
@Jenny1234 I鈥檓 tired of seeing her on tv every 2 seconds
Notsimilar31-35, F
She's fucking beautiful and gets too much hate
@Notsimilar yikes much more then that..
Notsimilar31-35, F
@SW-User there's likely more 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 but this is America, capitalism BS
Notsimilar31-35, F
@SW-User are you a good person? Lol. What do you do to help others? Probably struggling too much to help yourself to help others which is the norm for people here today. "Put politicians on minimum wage, see how fast things change" fav quote of the week
She's a hobbit.

@PrincessVelvet I was waiting for someone to bring this up
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She's gorgeous but pretty insensitive to mental health. Which is surprising considering Kanye & Pete both have mental health issues.

But oddly enough I'm a fan of their show 馃し don't judge me 馃槀
@ChiefWalksWith40oz idk what men see in her except for her asset of course
@SW-User yeah I don't think I could be with someone like her but I don't think she's a bad person. Just a very opposing personality to mine
JohnOinger41-45, M
I like Her and is a,fan of the show I think shes goodlooking not a,hater im.a fan of her I sleep with her but wouldn't date or marry her
@JohnOinger she runs through guys
cherokeepatti61-69, F
Wasn鈥檛 impressed with her on the tv show at all鈥eems superficial.
@cherokeepatti it is superficial she鈥檚 an actress
I blame OJ..
No murder trial.. no jenners
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout That鈥檚 exactly when they started to get attention!
All I know is that Capt Jean-Luc Picard had troubles with them at times.
boudinMan61-69, M
what has she done to deserve fame and fortune?
@boudinMan appeared on tv 馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔 Has a sex tape
nedkelly61-69, M
A overrated piece of American trash
@nedkelly Armenian 鈥淎merican trash鈥濃
Coralmist41-45, F
Idk, she does seem really superficial.. Im sure shes a good person, but when she said, "we dont have to be actors, or musicians, or ...what can I say? We made it."...I was like, 馃憖馃槓 (that quote is a word or two off from verbatim)
@Coralmist not seems she is superficial
popmol22-25, M
some plastic bimbo who got famous of some tv show and a name. fake as fake can be.

the only talent she and her family have is milking their small success on tv into a multimillion company.
Spica31-35, F
She's pretty, stylish and surprisingly smart & very eloquent 鈥 despite the general idea that she's a snobby airhead.
@Spica hmm one of the most kind opinions of her I鈥檝e seen
Spica31-35, F
@SW-User If you watch her interviews on youtube 鈥 especially the recent ones since she's been pursuing a law degree you might see what I mean. She looks very Arab too (I know she's not) but according to our standards she is attractive. Anyway just my 2 cents. Lol
Meh, she's just there.

There's a few funny moments from the show and she can be entertaining but I don't hate her nor love her.
Indy7446-50, F
I could honestly care less about her or the Kardashians period. 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
@Indy74 a lot feel the same
Despite being quite attractive, I suspect her inner beauty leaves much to be desired.
I don't follow the trash American television thinks I want.
@SW-User fair enough
Who made her famous? Stupid people
Thevy2936-40, M
@Thevy29 this is always the right answer.
Lmao this one's probably one of my favorite moments from their show 馃槀馃槀
When she lost one of her earrings on vacation lol

Kylie found it right after 馃憣 she saved the day

Her father made the family wealthy then had the good sense to die. She and her sisters are famous for being well-known. They also seem to have big butts.
ButterRobot51-55, M
Personally i find the Cult of Kardashian kind of annoying. But she's pretty and she's turned that into a billion dollar fortune so good luck to her.
Torsten36-40, M
I just wonder how such talentless people can become so incredibly rich and beloved by so many when I think of any of the Kardashians
Not a good influence on women who are easily influenced. 馃
She is crazy and snarky but I like her 馃ぃ
Dat booty fake
MonaMoona36-40, F
No it鈥檚 not @SW-User
@MonaMoona even if it鈥檚 not it鈥檚 all she鈥檚 good for 馃槀
I have no opinion
whowasthatmaskedman70-79, M
A waste of Oxygen
SkeetSkeet100+, F
wildbill8336-40, M
REMsleep41-45, F
Naturally pretty, born into wealth airhead desiring popularity and fame at all costs.
Turned into soul sucking culture vulture.
Now overly plastic and a bit looney. She alternates between altruism and batshit vulture.
Too much popularity for no reason.
I think without the plastic surgery and too much make-up she's quite beautiful. She also isn't really a bad person, and kept studying for the baby bar till she passed. No one was forced to gawk at her or pay her for being famous..
basilfawlty8931-35, M
I find her attractive. She gets too much hate.
She did a lot for Armenian Genocide awareness.
I'd do her.
@nedkelly LMAO!.. I just like trying new things.
@Azlotto I would too but I wouldn鈥檛 be with her
@SW-User Of course, hit it and quit it.
I think she鈥檚 very pretty and has done some good with her celebrity. I鈥檝e heard her speak and she鈥檚 more intelligent than people realize (although her having been married to Kanye doesn鈥檛 help that image).
MonaMoona36-40, F
She鈥檚 ok I have nothing against her
I don't really have one tbh I don't pay much attention to her.
@SW-User fair enough
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