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Nostradamus V. Trumpasaurus

Remember Nostradamus? That prognosticator who enjoyed a period of celebrity in the 70s & 80s.. "He's Ba-ack"..😷
Nostradamus wrote: “The great shameless, audacious bawler. He will be elected governor of the army: The boldness of his contention. “The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.” In Century 1, 40, another prediction reads: “The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws.” Finally, in Quatrain 50, Nostradamus writes "the Republic of the big city” will engage in costly military operations, ordered by the “trumpet”, which has led to fears of nuclear war.
Now I'm not personally a believer.. But the "Trumpet" reference gets a good run..
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LordShadowfire · 46-50
@Azlotto Really? Because he says you blocked him. But then again, you wouldn't admit it if you had, since you care so little.

Update: And now he's blocked me, because he cares so little. What a sad little snowflake.
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jehova · 31-35, M
@WhisperingAngel Nobody's telling you what your opinion must be, crybaby. But we are entitled to explain why your opinion is absurd, illogical, and incoherent.

As Sylvia Plath said, "Opinions are like orgasms...mine matters most and I really don't care if you have one."
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@Azlotto says [quote]You are brainwashed.[/quote] That's your loser's way of saying you've lost the data and logic parts of the debate and you are trying to distract from your loss by throwing childish insults. To recap:

All through Trump's term, our Covid per capita death rate was DOUBLE that of countries like Canada & Germany, resulting in about 550,000 Covid deaths under Trump.

If Trump had handled Covid as well as, say, Justin Trudeau, we'd have had 275,000 FEWER DEATHS! Put another way, Trump's mis-management of Covid cost more deaths than THREE Viet Nam wars!! Three Viet Nams in a SINGLE YEAR, not spread out over ten years like the actual war!!!

Sure, Covid came from outside. And different leaders in different countries managed it differently. Trump's piss-poor Covid management is made clear by the relative per capita death rates.

[quote]"I look at it this way," Birx told CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta. "The first time, we have an excuse. There were about 100,000 deaths that came from that original surge. All of the rest of them, in my mind, could have been mitigated or decreased substantially."[/quote]


[big] Are the Covid death numbers the result of mis-classification of other causes of death? [/big]

Here in the table are US death numbers for the top ten causes of death for six years ending in 2020. Notice how there are 20% more deaths in 2020 than the average of the previous five years? Doing the math, that's 500,000 excess deaths in 2020.

Notice how, in 2020, 345,000 of those 500,000 excess deaths are classified as Covid? Notice how almost all causes of death rose in 2020, including cancer & heart disease?

If there's any validity to the claim that lots of deaths have been mis-classified as Covid, why did almost all causes of death increase in 2020? Wouldn't mis-classification produce a reduction in those other causes? The evidence says mis-classification is a red herring.

Azlotto · M
SDavis · 56-60, F
I've read some of the sayings of Nostradamus in a book that quoted most of his writings. Trying to come to terms with 9/11 and the said prediction by Nostradamus.

Everything he said was too vague for me but I can see how you comments and those of 9/11 could be viewed as predictions coming to pass.
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
@SDavis Yes. I put it with the "Chain enough monkeys to enough typewriters" category. But the repeated "Trumpet" references add some meat on the bone..I figure "believers" will take it to heart.. And Trump supporters are definitely believers..😷
jehova · 31-35, M
Odd indeed
LordShadowfire · 46-50
I remember there was a great big kerfuffle over him because he said something about there being a great "Hister", which someone misinterpreted as Hitler.
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