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Does the area you live in have a local ghost story?

Thevy2936-40, M
At the local pub I went TO for a counter meal and there was a history board for the area. The Building was once a Grocery store/servo with an an underground storage area/corridor that linked up to the asylum across the road.
Women, wives and professionals. would sneak through this underground corridor to the asylum to have a bit of bump and tickle with the patients.
One of the ladies disappeared, and her body was only discovered when the corridor flooded and her shallow grave was discovered. So they closed it down and when the Grocery store become a pub they would throw their garbage into the underground corridor. Which our dining table happened to be sitting right on top of. 馃槰
kodiac22-25, M
Moth man
dancingtongue80-89, M
The first house we bought supposedly was haunted. Previous owner had died alone in it. The house had stood vacant for 2-3 years while the kids battled it out in probate court over inheritance, so the neighbors had circulated stories about it being haunted to keep kids from ransacking it. Probably just the subconscious at work, but several times the first few months after we moved in, I would wake up in the middle of the night with an eerie feeling and swear I saw a woman and a small child standing in the bedroom just watching us. Always the same woman and small girl. Then I guess they felt satisfied that we were worthy people and didn't see them any more.
There are so many kinds of ghosts. And one old building, that I had a theater in. There鈥檚 a place on the upper stairs that people kept experiencing what sounded like a woman falling down those stairs and screaming. I called this type a recording

Much more exciting, was the fact we had an old coal fired stove deep in the basement it no longer worked and was not used. And yet my engineer would go down there and find the door open, and The coal Rake inside.

Upstairs, looking over the stage. People kept seeing a white face. But no one was ever there.
No but perhaps after I've gone I'll consider it , there are plenty of people I'd like to haunt 馃懟
A little Japanese girl with odd coloured eyes is said to lure perverts to their deaths
Yes there's an old story about a democrap wandering in to town and being stoned to death by trump dolls and to this day at night you can hear him cry at night 'Black highlighters matter!!"
I've heard that there is supposedly some secret passage between a and the church across the road. Some sort of ghost involved.
Hotel i work at is haunted by the ghost of the girl who got murdered in room 713 by the cofounder of salt life
I had to check and evidently there are a few ghosts in my town's closet.
A few different ghost stories. Freaky urban legends. Etc.
My house has a few ghosts. Most are harmless
I'm the local story for being weird
They're pretty unrealistic.
Prometheus22-25, M
I'm sure it does but I don't know them
Many. It's crawling with spooks
AnonymousJSS22-25, F
No actually
DeluxedEdition26-30, F
Is this a thing
La llorona 馃槶

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