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How do we know you are not a robot?

UndercoverBard · 31-35, M
Would a robot do this? “Bloop blop” … I mean… I gotta go
@UndercoverBard I’ve no idea what did you do.
UndercoverBard · 31-35, M
@mindstruggle 🏃‍♂️
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
It's on a need to know basis and you're not qualified to know
Nimbus · M
I go to the toilet.
bookerdana · M
How..how would "we" know??🤔

*thinking thinking* beep beep beep beep

I will get back when I have the solution

bookerdana · M
@mindstruggle BEEEEEEEEEEEP!🧐
XDHyperGirlXD1 · 31-35, F
Shhhh stop telling people 😒
XDHyperGirlXD1 · 31-35, F
@mindstruggle im the smartest A.I on sw 😌
@XDHyperGirlXD1 robots don’t steal stuff! 😠
XDHyperGirlXD1 · 31-35, F
@mindstruggle im so cleaver nobody see me snatch that snack 😏
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
I dance The Robot better than any bot could 😉
@Zaphod42 I like that robotic dance 🤖
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
How do I know I'm not a robot?
@caPnAhab 🤔
My computer chip tells me to deny everything
Oils the only thing I dont leak??? 🤔
Convivial · 26-30, F
I computer. Therefore I am
allygator18 · 22-25, F
I checked the box
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
I am too illogical
GuyWithOpinions · 31-35, M
Im too sarcastic
pentacorn · F
we don't...
I breathe.
I am conscious.
I have emotions.
I can create original ideas.
I am not programmed to obey.
Lilnonames · F
Because I'm a doll😃
Who said I'm not a robot?

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