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My hair is finally growing..and that is just my eyebrows 馃ゴ馃ゴ

Just left dinner and drinks with a friendo I've had for 15 odd years..what are y'all up to?
Hi beautiful SW mama! Just got done with treadmill. Now I'm eyeing my daughters oreos. Telling myself, noooooo!
foldedunfolding41-45, F
@Bexsy haha you got this girl! i worked out so hard..did my 100 reps at 250 lbs for thighs today tewww
Carlam70-79, F
After reading about your inspiring adventures, I'm gearing up for an intellectual evening with Archie鈥攈im diving into thesis complexities, and me tackling the latest crossword puzzle. Life's all about balance, right? Cheers to enduring friendships and your eyebrow game leveling up to luxurious curtain status! Embrace the brow game with gusto!
Bowenw61-69, M
Finishing work and being mesmerized.
foldedunfolding41-45, F
@Bowenw helluva way to spend a night, love!
Degbeme70-79, M
Oh my goodness, you are so lovely. 馃
foldedunfolding41-45, F
@Degbeme aww so are you, friend..thank you
CheezeburgerBrown36-40, M
Damn your gorgeous !!
foldedunfolding41-45, F
@CheezeburgerBrown aww thank you so much..not sure i can ditch this hair color as soon as i need to! got another compliment on it tonight..and it makes me feel hella just like..mySELF.
yugimotodm26-30, M
You are so beautiful
samueltyler280-89, M
Very pretty
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How could your friend eat with the sight of a cleavage like that? Looking gorgeous again girl?
Sapio51-55, M
Sipping on a glass of vodka neat and checking this place out.
lost21346-50, M
Pondering life as I鈥檓 sittin here at work
Hmm... I'm sitting in bed in my happy place.
What car are you riding passenger in? 馃
OldBrit61-69, M
Looking as fantastic as ever 馃槏馃槏
bikelover51-55, M
Just chillaxing on a Sunday 馃槉
Alex5161-69, M
Beautiful mama
Looking lovely.
Fentonisfree51-55, MVIP
Looking good 鉂わ笍 x
LordShadowfire46-50, M
Just went to Walmart to pick up a curbside order because I thought it would be cooled off by now.

Last thing I told the youngster as he was loading my car up was to go inside and get some ice water for himself.
foldedunfolding41-45, F
@LordShadowfire it was 106 here the other day
LordShadowfire46-50, M
@foldedunfolding It's supposed to get that hot around here Monday or Tuesday. Not looking forward to it.

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