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Why don't people that abuse cute innocent animals for fun target me? I fight back馃槨馃槨

LilymoonF Best Comment
boil them all in oil

elafina36-40, F
You mean the whole meat industry ? You gonna fight them all ? You're my hero 馃ズ
Snuffy195761-69, M
Because they are useless POS cowards
I mean, are you a cute innocent animal though?
Witchthatwantsfun31-35, F
@Teirdalin I can appear that way at times馃槵
{@witchthatwantsfun] 馃憦 good for you i agree with you whole heartely
monellla73146-50, M
obviously they are cowards
DunningKruger61-69, M
You answered your own question.
Good eating ?
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Witchthatwantsfun31-35, F
@acpguy dude I got something better than PETA if I really wanted to do damage to you. Why are you so jumpy for nothing?馃槼馃槼馃槼

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