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31-35, M
Have a joyful and merry Christmas, to you and your family!
A random gift because I'm bored and don't use my coins at all. Have a blessed one :D
Thanks for ignoring my comments to your questions. Now you will be ignored.
26-30, M
Thanks for the best answer.
51-55, M
41-45, F
Thanks for being sweet! 😁
46-50, F
Thank you for Best Comment
Heres a random gift for all your random questions.
31-35, M
To my favourite question machine, a very happy and joyous Christmas, may your curiousity never dull between this Christmas and the next!
Thank you for best answer
Thanks for BA
22-25, F
Thank you for posting many wonderful and interesting questions! Sometimes this site has many members on, but not many questions that can create great discussion are being posted!
41-45, F
Thank you for Best Answer☺️
Thanks for the great questions you ask here. You are a good asset to this site. Keep them coming. You are appreciated very much.
lots of these cynical users are talking bs about you and your questions. keep being you dude !! Great questions !
Thank you for best answer. 😀
36-40, F
TY for all the recent BA’s. Hope your having a good day 😊
41-45, M
Thanks for the BA
You have great questions and I have enjoyed answering them,but after the last rude person's comment to my answer I won't be answering anymore questions on SW.I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed answering your questions in Q&A
Thanks for best answer, I appreciate all of your questions!
31-35, M
Thanks for all the great questions that keep me thinking!
Appreciate all your great and decent questions out there. :-)
51-55, F
Thanks for keeping the feeds fun and interesting! 🙂
Great questions, keep it up!
You have really good questions
so good for the body and soul! ty for the support!
Happy New Year and a very Happy Birthday to you ! May 2019 be everything you want it to be, mon amie ! 😊
Sometimes I think you're the only OTHER sane person on SW! 😂😂

Seriously, your posts make me think, are not adversarial, and address the human condition. You are a standout! Thank you.