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13-15, M
United States
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I Want a Online Girlfriend
i would like to see how having an online girlfriend would be
13-15, M
3 replies
2 wks ago
I Smoke Weed
yeah i do but i dont do it for fun or because its cool non of that i started because my mom died about a year and a half ago my friend noticed i was not the same and offered me to try it i turned him down the first time then i went out with a girl i ...
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13-15, M
10 replies
2 wks ago
I Don't Know Why I Get My Hopes Up
There's this new girl and she's amazing but shes just friend zoned me and she went to the dance the other day and mad out with one of my friends I don't have a chance with her why do I try why am I feeling this way
13-15, M
2 replies
1 mth ago
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