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I Just Realized

My friend just told me that the reason that the women I have been pursuing (IRL for relationships) haven't been working out because they're not my type

I asked her what my type is, and she told me my type is the "sweet innocent virgin type"

Apparently she can usually tell just by looking at pictures, and those were always the girls that I liked the most and was fascinated by even though I didn't actually know they were virgins (she insists she can tell)

Thinking back, that's what I always wanted, but I decided that I wasn't worthy of what I really wanted and tried for something else

I'm gentle and loving, scary strong but a protector and not a danger, and want a deep bond of love, absolutely adore when a woman is clingy because she really likes me, totally love being playful and I like to be old fashioned

Would a woman of that type ever give me a chance? Looking deep down, that really is what I want


I totally just realized, the type of women that I like best really do like me, I just live in the US where there's not a lot of innocence left, a lot of that type that are too young liked me (off the table because I'm not willing to meeting Bubba in prison), women from countries where abstinence until marriage is common liked me, and the few times I got to know a sweet innocent virgin that was of age and lived near to me I felt like I wasn't good enough and I was terrified out of my mind thinking I would get hurt or mess up because I didn't feel good enough and knew I would fall in love too hard to fast

It all makes sense now, I'm sure I'll meet one again, I just need to realize that they do actually like me (always have until I blew it) and not be afraid, not worry about being good enough and just treat them well, and it will work out
What if they lost their virginity to rape?

What if they chose it and enjoyed it but have since repented?

What if they love getting down and dirty but are pure of heart?
@th3r0n you say fornication like it (sex) is a bad thing, but sex can equally be love making. Sex can be an incredibly beautiful expression of love
th3r0n · 41-45, M
@SW-User sex isn’t fornication, sex with someone you’re not rightfully married to is fornication
@th3r0n it is a shame that so often isn't someone you love - especially if we're talking historically when young girls were often married off to old goats they had no desire to share their bodies with
She can't tell a virgin from a non virgin 😂
@th3r0n we don't have submissive and domination in our relationship
Lostpoet · M
@th3r0n Dude you ain't getten none for a long time. There's no puting anyone in their place anymore, grow up dude.
th3r0n · 41-45, M
@Lostpoet no? I'd die alone before I give up who I am as a man

May happen, but so be it

And not trying to "get some", trying to get married, no sex before marriage not negotiable
NeuroticByNature · 41-45, F
Yes. Youll find your partner now that you know what you want and what would fit you best.
th3r0n · 41-45, M
@NeuroticByNature I really hope that you're right, I honestly think she's right, but ever since I failed and fell short myself I didn't feel worthy though what I wanted deep down didn't change

The best I can do now is try to be better and try to be worthy of the purity I seek and long for in a wife
You sound too picky. Instead of looking for a particular type, you should focus on compatibility.

Just curious, are you a virgin? Because if you’re not, it’s unreasonable for you to expect your partner to be one.
th3r0n · 41-45, M
@LeopoldBloom don't get me wrong, I'm not stuck on it

I'm willing to be with a woman who isn't within those preferences, in fact my best friend that I want to marry has two kids, but ideals exist even if we can't attain them, but it's not solid that we can't
@th3r0n As long as you’re willing to be flexible.
th3r0n · 41-45, M
@LeopoldBloom yeah, I’m aware that I’m not worthy of what I want, though somehow my best friend Tori, though she’s not the submissive innocent girl I thought I wanted, but rather an independent badass chick that could kill almost anyone in a flash, somehow that crazy wild slightly crazy, very genius, incredible woman, would be more to me than what I wanted
Peaches · F
I love this! 🥰Best of luck to you.💕💜
th3r0n · 41-45, M
@Peaches thank you very much

I'll take a prayer over wishes of luck any day, but good wishes for my well being are appreciated regardless of where they go from being wishes
Peaches · F
@th3r0n 🙏🏼😇💗
Shaman · 26-30
Subtle but not so much, A for effort
th3r0n · 41-45, M
@Shaman not so much what? You don't think that sort would go for me?

I realized I was scared to go for what I really want, because I didn't feel worthy and thought I would just be bothering them
2cool4school · 46-50, F
@Shaman what does that even mean ??
Peaches · F
@th3r0n I think @Shaman is complimenting you on your post.😉
2cool4school · 46-50, F
I’m sorry. I was in the wrong.
th3r0n · 41-45, M
@2cool4school ??? No clue why you say it that way, but those were her exact words

She saw the women I pointed out on Facebook that I found interesting and always laughed, finally told me that's why she was laughing

She said I'm a failure as a man if I can't tell which women are virgins...I didn't quite get that but she said all the ones I had been showing her were

It's really sad that SW has such a troll problem that nobody believes what's posted, and become trolls themselves just like you are right now
2cool4school · 46-50, F
@th3r0n again I’m very sorry and hope you pay no attention to my negativity.
th3r0n · 41-45, M
@2cool4school it's ok, thank you for apologizing

It's hard sometimes to tell what's real and fake here, and I understand that
th3r0n · 41-45, M
@SW-User eh well, that friend was a little nuts, but I do like the sweet innocent type best, just felt like I wasn't worthy of what I wanted

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