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The Watchmen conundrum, yes or no?
Is it better for 30 million people around the world, to be snuffed out of existence in order to prevent the most likely outcome of everyone dying, if nothing is done.

And would a person who decided that be a hero or a villain in your eyes? :)
22-25, M
15 replies
May 15, 2019
Did thanos get another movie?
Axelerator · 22-25, M
[@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout] Nope, but that idea came before Thanos, check out Watchmen, it's pretty cool :)
Axelerator · 22-25, M
[@417364,Ozymandias] Unless you're gonna go back on your character yes. :)
I always liked that that movie didn't have a bad guy, just a matter of understanding and perspective. Much better than some 2 dimensional psychopath that wants people dead for no good reason.
[@701491,Axelerator] the ending was brilliant
Axelerator · 22-25, M
[@417364,Ozymandias] It was, very different than what was expected, always loved that movie ever since, the general style is great as well.
Eternity · 18-21, M
He would be a hero in the truest sense of the word: literally no one would appreciate what he did in yet the benefit would be undeniable.

Hell I'd even curse his name to my last days. But that wouldnt change the fact that he saved more than he destroyed.
Axelerator · 22-25, M
[@807598,Eternity] I agree, and i thought he was in the movie as well, even if most didn't. The hardest choices are often the most heroic for good reason.
ViciDraco · 31-35, M
What is the certainty that everyone dies? There is a difference between a projected likely scenario and a sure thing. As to hero or villain... Both.
Axelerator · 22-25, M
[@657984,ViciDraco] It's true, in the case of Watchmen it seems very likely, but determining the certainty fully, isn't possible, let's say between 80-90% probability :)
Anonymartyr · 51-55, M
That is exactly what the bible says Jesus will do But He's supposed to be God, not just man. Good/evil, right/wrong are all relative to perspective among humans. It is very unlikely that any person or persons could be the best choice to choose who lives and who dies without choosing to eliminate themselves also. Anyone else would be obviously the wrong choice for the job.
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
He didn't explain himself before he did it. So Villain.
Axelerator · 22-25, M
[@622125,Thevy29] He didn't explain it, i'm assuming to prevent people from stopping him from doing what he believed to be right.

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