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Virologist releases paper claiming coronavirus made in Chinese lab
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[b]What are your views about this?
[/b] Updated:

[b]Her scientific report[/b]
exotically · 22-25, F
[@868780,exotically] How are you so sure about it.
exotically · 22-25, F
[@657449,ABCDEF7] [youtube=]

getting weaker now though
[@868780,exotically] Scientific papers released by her.
MarineBob · 51-55, M
She hasn't died yet?
[@2021,MarineBob] Maybe she is hiding at some safe place/country. At the end of article she says, “They controlled my friends, they controlled my family and said threatening things. Finally, all of them had to admit that I didn’t exist,”.
Cuivienen · 22-25, M
I haven’t read it, but judging by the spelling mistake in the title I think I can guess already...
[@1136168,Cuivienen] It is called judging book by cover. I guess you are making judgement about the journalist, not the virologist.
Cuivienen · 22-25, M
[@657449,ABCDEF7] Yes indeed, but judging by the virologist claiming she has evidence but won't reveal it, I think I know what sort of evidence this will be: No evidence.
[@1136168,Cuivienen] Scientific papers released by her.
Right before election.. smells funny.
Like EVERYTHING between now and November.. pinch of salt
[@327405,theoneyouwerewarnedabout] There has been such assumptions and news right from the beginning of pandemic.
Madhatter · 26-30, M
She says she has evidence, but hasn't presented any yet. Until she does, there's no reason to believe her. I'm not saying it's impossible, but we've heard many times now from many different sources that there doesn't appear to be signs of it being engineered. I'd give her a chance to make her case, but it really comes down to the evidence. We've got a lot of crazy people making a lot of ludicrous, baseless claims these days.
[@75201,Madhatter] That's good point. It needs to be investigated if novel corona virus is actually related to CC45 and ZXC41 viruses owned by China Military Institute.
[@75201,Madhatter] Scientific papers released by her.
Madhatter · 26-30, M
[@657449,ABCDEF7] Good start. Now just need it to be peer-reviewed and verified.
DDonde · 26-30, M
"I have evidence, but I'm not going to tell you what it is"

I'll wait for the evidence before further judgement.
[@373024,DDonde] The first point reads completely as..
[quote]The genomic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 is suspiciously similarto that of a bat coronavirus discovered by military laboratories in the Third Military Medical University (Chongqing, China) and the Research Institute for Medicine of Nanjing Command (Nanjing, China)[/quote]

Yes, it should be studied by other scientists.
DDonde · 26-30, M
[@657449,ABCDEF7] One thing I have found out is that this paper was never published, and was financially backed by Steve Bannon. Makes me suspicious of whether or not this paper was made in good faith.
That being said, it makes no impact for me personally if the evidence is actually true. Just makes me suspicious.
[@373024,DDonde] This will only be more clear after an unbiased scientific investigation committee gives their report. But with the current scenario we can't trust WHO.
Taliesin33 · 41-45, M
How does the saying go...? "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof"..?

Thus far those studying the virus have said that it does not bear any of the telltale signs of having been engineered or tampered with.

You do know that virology labs are there to [i]study[/i] viruses, and not [i]"develop"[/i] them, right? Usually, in other animals before they make the zootastic jump to humans.
[@322914,Taliesin33] Scientific papers released by her.

[quote]You do know that virology labs are there to study viruses, and not "develop" them, right?[/quote]
Knife was meant to cut vegetables, but few people used it kill others.
cycleman · 56-60, M
scam story for money
revenant · F
Yes . They are trying to cover up that one. I am not aware of the latest news but Ottawa and Wuhan are involved. That was known since the beginning. Professor and students who were going in between Ottawa and Wuhan labs got expelled from Canada.
4meAndyou · F
I saw her on the Tucker Carlson show last night. She says that the Chinese military created this virus and purposely released it upon the world. She also said that the virus has had it's DNA or genome tampered with...says it is not a naturally occuring virus.

We DO know, even as lay people unfamiliar with DNA tampering, that the communist Chinese virology laboratory in Wuhan published a paper in 2015 stating that they had successfully altered the RNA (Replication) of the coronavirus taken from the feces of bats. That paper was made available publicly.

Doctor Mark Seigel, who is regular medical commentator at Fox, stated that no virus in the history of mankind has behaved like this virus, which we call Covid19. He says no virus in the history of mankind has attacked ALL the vital organs by creating a cytokine storm. (Since he is not a virologist, nor a geneticist, I could not say that is 100% truth). does seem likely that the virus originated at the lab in Wuhan, and the stupid story of Chinese people eating bats purchased at a wet market more than a mile and a half from the lab stretches credibility beyond the most obvious explanation...which is that the airborne virus infected one careless worker, who spread it, before anyone knew how highly contagious it had become.

So I would venture to say that her story is far more likely to be true than untrue.

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