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I’m leaving SW FOR GOOD!!! I though you guys were nice but too much brutally honest jerks!

If you think best friends are supposed to hurt your feelings with the truth, then you are awful friends! Mean people on here! SCREW YOU ALL!! Why should I stay on here when I’m not welcomed?! DONT EVER MESSAGE ME OR TALK TO ME AGAIN YOU TRAITORS!!!! 🖕🏻🤬😤😤🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
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GLITTER · 31-35, F
A good friend will tell you the truth though. It depends on whether you’re willing to accept it
[@610096,GLITTER] not if their going to hurt your feelings and yell in your face!
GLITTER · 31-35, F
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] obviously they neglected being tactful. Some people are just built differently 😞
[@610096,GLITTER] at least you understand
Crazychick · 31-35, F
What's going on, SweetiePie? Who has upset you? You can talk to me.
[@496415,Crazychick] too late! You’re just going to give me the same answers everyone told me. I’m gone
candycane · 31-35, F
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] take care but just put your account on hiatus.that way u may come back
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
Just block the idiots
[@6578,HoraceGreenley] if people would be nicer I would
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] Well dump the losers and hang out with the cool kids like me and candycane
candycane · 31-35, F
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] yes im always nice🤗
DUMBSHlT · 22-25, M
So what time is this? The 20th? lol
DUMBSHlT · 22-25, M
Crazychick · 31-35, F
[@1127345,GermanAf] Not acceptable. Nobody where I live uses it that way. I don't know what that is an extract from but it's definitely not the Oxford English Dictionary. No way is it that.
DUMBSHlT · 22-25, M
[@496415,Crazychick] Sure ain't. It's Merriam Webster which, to be fair, is an American Dictionary but if you've got a problem with American English on a website based in the US I have some bad news for you :*
MarkPaul · 22-25, M
See you when you get (back) here... projected to be in less than 1 hour.
DUMBSHlT · 22-25, M
[@8638,MarkPaul] Darn! She blocked me!
Crazychick · 31-35, F
[@8638,MarkPaul] Yeah, but what?
candycane · 31-35, F
[@496415,Crazychick] did u block him
dsrice · 51-55, M
I am sorry about that, it is sad to see you leave.
LaCalaca · F
Little girl need yo ass wooped. You wanna act like a child, you're gonna get treated like one
LaCalaca · F
[@1147875,LaCalaca] YOU ARE A BRUTALLY HONEST MEAN BULLY!!! Why are you treating me like this!!!! I’m just a teenager! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😤😤😤😤
[@1147875,LaCalaca] Someone needs to put you in prisons 🖕🏻 You
Unlearn · 36-40, M
See you tomorrow...
[@6118,Unlearn] I won’t be here tomorrow
Maybe for the best. You do seem a touch sensitive.
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] See you on your alt accounts.
Viper · 31-35, M
[@695370,Straylight] seriously... asks a question, then gets upset if you don't fully back her side only.
[@800884,Viper] Its just as good she left. Whenever I see her posts, I get closer to blocking her.
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
Bye. Best of luck to you and you and you.
AngelKrish · 22-25, M
Good bye.. 😌
Muthafukajones · 41-45, M
So go already....
[@370417,Muthafukajones] Good it’s not like I’m going to miss the damn sites
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
[image deleted]
DMmeyourtits · 26-30, M
You've grown so much! At one point you were too nice to all people, now you are holding your ground! You go girl!
[@789961,DMmeyourtits] SHUT UP
It seems that people seem to like me more when I’m not so nice.
Please don’t leave. I always enjoy your posts, and if I’ve ever been mean to you, I’m truly sorry as that was not my intention.
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Not one, not two, but nine middle fingers. Message received.
[@329500,uncalled4] I’m done
Viper · 31-35, M
You seem like Trump.

Ask a question, and if anyone has an opinion that does matches you, you hate it, and call them a trader.

Why can't you accept that different people have different thoughts?

No one is ever going to agree with everyone.
Blah blah blah. Good luck!
candycane · 31-35, F
And shes gone

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