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I wanna know how many of u people here read the Bible ?
If so, then why do you read this amazing book. What has it taught you. What have you learned. Have you read it lately. Comments or questions. Im here. 馃檪
36-40, M
110 replies
Nov 21, 2016
LesFleursDuMal36-40, F
No. Heathens can't read
Zonuss36-40, M
Sure they can.
[c=#BF0080]No, I can't even make it a full sentences without understanding half of what was said.[/c]
BlueMetalChick22-25, F
I was illiterate until I was nine years old. When I was finally taught to read, I didn't try reading a "grown up" book until I felt I was ready. The first book I ever read was "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. The second book I read was the bible. And I gotta tell you, there's a lot of very interesting, very fascinating, and very thought provoking stories in the bible. But for every tale like that, there's an equally disturbing immoral and utterly fucked up story in there too. And then there's shit that just didn't make sense, like the two or three bible books about taxation laws and how much interest you can charge your neighbor. It's extremely obvious how many different people wrote all the stories that make up the bible. So you really gotta use your good judgment to pick and choose what to take away. Tales of Jesus traveling to cities and teaching people not to ostracize others for their sicknesses or for being harlots or thieves? There's a lot to be learned from that. Stories about Ezekiel being teased as a child for being bald and summoning a herd of buffalo to trample the other children...not so much. You can ignore those stories.
BlueMetalChick22-25, F
@JustaFriend: Yeah it wasn't easy. But I got to say goodbye to her, which helps. A lot of people never get to see a loved one before they die. I got to see her before she went and we enjoyed each other's company one last time, which gives me some closure. And I've still got my dad and my sister, and they're doing well.
LadyGrace70-79, F
@049AbjectTestament: Where did you get your understanding that I said the Bible lied about itself? Specifically. The first five books were written by Moses about 3,500 years ago. The last book was written by the apostle John, over 1900 years ago. God communicated with the Bible writers by means of the Holy Spirit.
LadyGrace70-79, F
@BlueMetalChick: I'm glad you got to say goodbye. I didn't with either of my parents.
masterofyou70-79, M
Yes I do read the Bible but it is not complete....
Zonuss36-40, M
What do you mean, not complete.
masterofyou70-79, M
Many books have been left out...
Degbeme61-69, M
No pictures so I didn`t bother. 馃榿
Zonuss36-40, M
Why does a book have to have pictures for you to find it interesting. Did you know that many Bibles back during the 1970's had actual pictures depicting stories of the Bible. I know because my grandfather had one. 馃檪
yllacsar41-45, M
What about all the true gospels of Jesus they burned with the alexandria library ??
You ever curious what Jesus of Nazareth REALLY did and SAID ??

Them bible writers sure look like some LYIN' muthafuckers to me...
butterfly101322-25, F
I read it from time to time. It has taught me that I have a purpose in life and that God has a plan for me bigger than I can ever imagine. Also God, makes no mistakes.
spanner35046-50, M
Is it true? Or hear say?
Firechidist22-25, F
But now you are talking about the medival times when the Roman Catholic Church reigned. But Im talking about the time before Constitine. The very first century christians. Who had no New Testament text but believed in Jesus Christ. Why would they die for him if he did not rise from the dead? Why would they believe He had in the first case?
yllacsar41-45, M
Well - seems to be the move towards monotheism was much the result of Aristotles Theory of Causality...which suggests everything has causes, much like the butterfly effect, and hence if you trace them all back you get to ONE innitial cause - what he called The Prime Mover - a pretty damn good proof for God if you ignore some parts of it...

Jesus was NOT the only monotheistic leaning mesiah of the time - there were MANY - Which is why IT is called the Mesianic Era....

Jesus remains the most notable - but many died - were slaughtered in support of the monotheistic idea - but not only for Jesus..
Firechidist22-25, F
Um you havent answered my question. I was talking about the first century christians in particular
Firechidist22-25, F
Its the Word of God too many things it taught me about God, me and others to put here. All I know the Bible has a supernatural effect on ms. It speaks to my soul and when I spend long periods consistantly reading it it changes my character and the way I act. If it wasnt for my Bible I wouldnt be alive Im certain of that.
Firechidist22-25, F
If the Bible is not the Word of God everything in it is a lie and lets just disregard it. There is no God of the universe. There was never a Christ. But if it is the Word of God, then God is who he says He Is. Jesus is the Son of God. He died on the cross and He was raised again on the third day forever. God made a way for us to enter im.
puck6156-60, M
@Firechidist: How in the blazes do you hinge the existence of the supreme being on the veracity of a bunch of ancient middle eastern manuscripts? 鈽
Firechidist22-25, F
@puck61: Because it is Inspired by God. It is not just a bunch of ancient middle eastern manuscripts.
Bloodiest book ever.

I don麓t base my principles on it.

It may have a few kind words but then again you can find the same in any other book.
@Firechidist: Ahahahahaha, I love your sense of irony !! 馃槃
Firechidist22-25, F
@Underconstruction: I wasnt being ironic
Firechidist22-25, F
You talk about facts but I havent seen you post one

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