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There is a woman I work with who I used to be friends with. Now she's not speaking to me.

I tried to text her to ask if I had upset her and she didn't reply back. I didn't want to cause drama at work, so I have simply remained polite and cordial toward her, but she is barely speaking to me. I have no idea why she is upset with me, and no idea why I let it worry me if she will not be open and communicate what the problem is.
NCCindy · 31-35, F
I have this attitude.

If someone doesn't care to be with me, I move on. There are lots of wonderful people in this world. Why bother wastong my time on people who don't want to be my friend.
MeowsoliniReturns · 51-55, F
[@371617,NCCindy] I really like this! You are right, of course. She always seems to be angry with someone anyway. I can't help but wonder if the person she's most angry with is herself.
I’d send her a bouquet of flowers saying, Sorry!

It works like a charm. She’ll open up to you and at least tell you what exactly happened. 🤗
MeowsoliniReturns · 51-55, F
[@372543,Vivaci] Wow! What a great idea!!! What should I write on the card?
[@1079831,MeowsoliniReturns] Just say SORRY! 💟
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
{@meowsolinireturns ] yes i can understand you are baffle and upset by this co -workers sudden bad attitude towards you . especially more so if you cannot even work out why she has gone like this for no apparent reason . i would not worry about it you are not the one with the issues there is nothing queer as folk sometimes .if you spent time trying to figure out there moods you would go crazy
[@3749,smiler2012] agree
MeowsoliniReturns · 51-55, F
[@3749,smiler2012] Thank you. You are right! 🤗
FurryFace · 61-69, M
i get that at times too , it means someone is lying about you and others believe them
MeowsoliniReturns · 51-55, F
[@1155,FurryFace] I think you're right. You know...I really don't want to be friends with someone who will believe any bad thing they hear about me. :)
hunkalove · 61-69, M
Her cat probably isn't as cool as yours.
MeowsoliniReturns · 51-55, F
[@45528,hunkalove] 🤣
That’s very childish of her. I don’t like immature people that can’t tell me what they think. I hate passive aggression and she probably is just that. I’d probably point out her immaturity.
MeowsoliniReturns · 51-55, F
[@1199225,Puppyprivilege] You know, I've been thinking about it. If this is the kind of person she is, I really don't have any interest in being her friend.
[@1079831,MeowsoliniReturns] exactly
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
No one else knows either?
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
[@1079831,MeowsoliniReturns] the Green-Eyed monster in her resents you leaving on time while she stays behind
MeowsoliniReturns · 51-55, F
[@16806,cherokeepatti] Yeah, I guess so.
Mindful · 51-55, F
[@1079831,MeowsoliniReturns] the friend that makes a huge deal out of nothing may have gotten to her. Those people like causing drama. If she’s not big enough to talk to you about it, face to face, and work they it, you may be better off without her. But just in case it’s based on evil gossip, tell her you “hope she knows you well enough to trust you not to betray her” or whatever you think is right to say, adding one last time you’re offering to sort it out, or she can let it eat her up inside. Also, if she’s mad you have FML, she can sign up for it herself! It’s a little silly to upset over policies!
reflectingmonkey · 46-50, M
now that you've messaged her you could casually ask if she got your message, its one way to get the topic on the table.
MeowsoliniReturns · 51-55, F
[@9310,reflectingmonkey] True. But that was weeks ago. lol
zorroo · 56-60, M
just ignore her, let her go to hell.
she lost you.
how are you?🐱
MeowsoliniReturns · 51-55, F
[@4109,zorroo] Thanks. I am OK. One more hour of work and I am free! How are you?
zorroo · 56-60, M
[@1079831,MeowsoliniReturns] good, I need another 3 hours to leave.
hope all is well with you.🤗
MeowsoliniReturns · 51-55, F
[@4109,zorroo] 🤗

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