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Now THIS is irony!

whowasthatmaskedman70-79, M
Not a Goodyear for him..馃樂
IM568861-69, M
What's he worried about? His tire is only flat on the bottom...LOL
Almost hurts to look at lol
Justmeraeagain56-60, F
He looks so tire-d
DrWatson70-79, M

JamesBugman56-60, T
His spare tire is underneath, at the back of the truck.
All I see is grey ying yangs 馃槶
DrWatson70-79, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout That's all I can see also! But others apparently can see the pic I posted.

Which is also irony, I suppose!

(It's a pickup truck full of tires, with a flat tire.)
I feel like that.
Broke with an acre of diamonds.. .
MasterLee56-60, M
When the rubber hits the road
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