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I lost 40+ pounds last year and became really athletic, 15% body fat, gained muscle mass and all that

But idk if I developed an eating disorder along the way. I feel much better when I'm "slightly hungry". When I feel full I feel uncomfortable and bloated. Or is that just how normal people are supposed to be? Now When I'm hungry I try to eat "just enough" to stop feeling hungry, and not necessarily full. If I'm enjoying the food too much and let myself get full, then I hate myself for the hours that follow 馃槱

Posting because I had a large lunch yesterday and now I still feel like I want to cut off a part of my stomach and feel "empty" again. Haven't ingested anything since then except coffee this morning.
reflectingmonkey46-50, M Best Comment
I'm presently on a diet and I also notice that I feel beter if I eat just a bit under what my apetite requires. I think the point when we feel satiated is very subjective and based more on our eating habits than on our body's actual needs. I think we've been educated to think that when our body sends us the signal that we should stop eating, that's when we have eaten enough when in reality that feeling of being full is far beyond what we need. if every time we eat we eat until our body cannot physically ingest more then with time we get fat. which is why the majority of people in our western civilisations are fat. I started my diet 3 weeks ago and I've already lost 11 pounds, I'm very happy for my progress, I still have about 25 pounds to lose. hoping to lose it before may because I'm seeing my girlfriend in may.

ninalanyon61-69, T
Surely you should simply stop having such large portions.

I also feel better when I don't have that heavy overfilled feeling. I just keep my portion sizes down and generally eat less altogether.
MorbidCynic22-25, F
Hating yourself sounds like how I feel when I eat, and I have been dealing with anorexia for over a decade. These may be beginning signs, so please be careful. Food is meant for survival, don鈥檛 punish yourself for eating.
I wondered if I had stomache problems because my stomache would hurt and I feel uncomfortable when I am full.

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