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Two years on from the Russian invasion of Ukraine what has Putin achieved ?

Stronger links with China,Iran and various African countries and from what I’ve been reading getting closer to victory.
Ukraine don’t have the manpower or weaponry to win….A negotiated end to the war which will be nothing like the deal they inexplicably rejected in April 2022 will occur after the American election.
They are under Western pressure to seek one.
You read it here first( I have my History hat on).
Putin is holding out until then in case Trump wins.
Nanoose · 61-69, M
He achieved a new world view about his military and a near bankrupted country. When Russia first invaded Ukraine everybody was figuring that the mighty Russian army would roll through the Ukraine in a week. But 2 years later they are losing the war. So now a lot of the world has seen that the Russian military isn't as mighty as they would like the world to believe. The war has also been a devastating financial blow to Russia. Cheers and happy weekend!
ididntknow · 51-55, M
@Nanoose is that what you call gas lighting
craig7 · 70-79, M
He has sown division and fatigue among Western nations - Russia is playing a long game.
MasterLee · 56-60, M
Lots of money drained from the west.
@MasterLee Yep, BinBiden used it as an excuse to launder money.
ididntknow · 51-55, M
I suggest looking at the history in Ukraine, from 2014 onwards, what was happening to civilians in the Donbass, then come to your own conclusions, but don’t go to Google, CNN, MSNBC, I’d suggest independent media, educate yourself, you can’t do that by listening to any of the mainstream media,
Sciorrach · 22-25, F
Lots of new friends!
curiouslady93 · 31-35, F
When you understand that Russia and Iran are Gog and Magog, it makes sense.
@curiouslady93 Sounds like you're going by Daniel's prophecy as well by mentioning the third Temple.
@curiouslady93 However as You know, the El Asqa Mosque is still on the Temple, therefore that prophecy has not technically started yet.
curiouslady93 · 31-35, F
@NativePortlander1970 I know, that's why I say Russia isn't going to do it, just yet.
Thodsis · 51-55, M
An interview with that twat from Fox 'News'.
MasterLee · 56-60, M
@Thodsis who?
Thodsis · 51-55, M
@MasterLee Exactly. :)
MasterLee · 56-60, M
@Thodsis I was unaware anyone on fox interviewed anyone.

Who at fox got an interview?
smiler2012 · 56-60
@Nimbus 🤔about as much as manchester united will by may this year nimby fuck all 😆
Nothing. Just a deranged, idiotic fanbase.
Puppycat23 · F
Countries joining Nato
@Puppycat23 It's almost as if NATO is instigating for WW III
The establishment media refuses to tell us.

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