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How did the world start to turn ugly and to show its gloomiest parts and to put in light and to put to light of day the darkest sides of humanity?

Because of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic?
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Fairydust · F

They cause the divide, they’d rather us fight with each other, than see what’s really going on.
AlienFox · F
@Fairydust Agreed. And most people fell for it.

JovialMoose · 46-50, M
I always thought it started before that.

Obama exposed many Americans for who they really are. I remember saving seats for the 4th of July parade next to a father and his two adult sons. Nice guys. But they idly chatted about assassinating Obama.

Then, (god forbid), a woman almost became presidents.

This made things even more ugly. We got Donald Trump: mafia spokesman, pedophile, and rapist as our president. This inflamed a whole different group of Americans.

The wildfire keeps spreading. The "south" is eventually going to win the battle.
Fairydust · F
Obama is bad 👹
JovialMoose · 46-50, M
@Fairydust Thank you for proving my point.
WintaTheAngle · 41-45, M
There’s nothing happening now that hasn’t happened before. We need to deal with and move on, like everyone who came before us.
maskedbandit · 56-60, M
@WintaTheAngle It's all good. 🙂
WintaTheAngle · 41-45, M
@maskedbandit It is.
maskedbandit · 56-60, M
@WintaTheAngle 👍 🙂
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Because the Boomers got it all wrong !
They invested in all the wrong areas of business and then watched it all come undone as the stock market underperfomed repeatedly during their working lives.

The emphasis on 'small government' meant big business didn't pay it's fair share of taxation and then covid hit and there were no protections in place anywhere for anyone.

Now boomers are being warned their retirement provision is a lot less than required (way too late by the way) and they face possible poverty at the end of their lives because gen.X has been working minimum wage jobs their working lives and can't cover the shortfall.

It's a salutary lesson in how not to do economics
Fairydust · F
It’s was always ugly, the evil was more hidden.

Covid exposed the darkest of humanity, if anything at least many see what’s going on now.
FreestyleArt · 31-35, M
When Adam and Eve shit on it after eating the forbidden fruit
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
It was when they took The Golden Girls off the air.

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