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Are you a planner or a in the spur of a moment kind of person?

What is the most spontaneous thing that you have ever done throughout your lifetime? Did your spontaneous act change your perspective somehow? How did it make you feel?
ZorannaF Best Comment
A bit of both. I've done various extremely spontaneous things though e.g. Sell a house, quit a job and go overseas. No didn't really change my perspective much, except to think things through a bit more, but I did regret selling the house because I'd had it built and shouldn't have acted to rashly. Have a nice little place now though. This is a bit too long winded ... sorry. 馃槄
Thanks for that. 馃榾

Spur of the moment. I proposed on the spur of the mo.ent and have been married 27 years. I bought our current housr from plans, I'd only gone in to pick up a brochure 馃く

I once said yes to a job offer. Wasn't a good job I didn't think it through. But it taught me so much about myself
nedkelly61-69, M
I asked my girlfriend to marry me, still together and married for 38 years and 6 months
KaiserSolze41-45, F
I'm spontaneous. I have spontaneously gone away for the weekend alone, spontaneously threw my phone in a bin without moving the contacts because I thought if any of those people want to talk to me they can call me. I have spontaneously booked a holiday, spontaneously decided to go to college to learn mechanics because I was annoyed at my son skipping school and applied to keep an eye on him.

I need to plan more lol
Spur of the moment is a master plan : carpe diem
keepyoureyespeeled a bit of both really can be sporadic and if necessary plan too the last detail depending on the situation

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