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Is 30 years too old to start skating?

Am I too old? Went to a sports shop and they didn't have skates the size of an adult shoe. They looked at me weird when I said I need training skates. And they refused to let me wear the biggest size they had because it could break under my weight (I weight 50kg).

The other store I went to, only has 1 adult size. They looked at me weird too when I said it's for myself. They had inline skates for adults, but no training skates in adult size. As if adults can't train?

I felt kind of discouraged.

One person I met online I told my plan to start skating, and they just sent me a 馃槼 emoji.
Spica31-35, F
Raaii18-21, F
You're never late 馃檱鈥嶁檧锔
Though I've never done any skating I've seen
even people in their fifties sixties skate
And you're just 50kg
That's definitely not a lot
I believe
You'll do it very well
Just try to find a better store or is it available online?
Everything will be fine 馃檱鈥嶁檧锔
Raaii18-21, F
@assemblingaknob @assemblingaknob

I can understand this
Since I also live on a very tight budget
Sometimes it's very hard to get something I really want or need

While purchasing online always be careful to check tht refund/ return policy

Atleast if it's bad we can submit for a refund

Best of luck
I think you'll get it
And always be confident
You're great and I admire you 馃檱鈥嶁檧锔
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@Raaii thank you raaii. I admire you too. You have a lot of wisdom to share with us. I always appreciate your insight on things. 馃
Raaii18-21, F
@assemblingaknob anytime and I'm really glad tht you find me good or else all think I'm just a good for nothing girl馃う鈥嶁檧锔 thanks very much 馃拵鈽橈笍
deadgerbil22-25, M
You probably need to go to a better store. I've never heard of adults being barred from this

If you lived in Canada you wouldn't have an issue finding stuff
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@deadgerbil I live under a crusty rock
Jenny123451-55, F
Ice skating? No it鈥檚 not too late! And you do not need training skates. Get some lessons and show up with your big girl skates. They have the push bar you can use until you鈥檙e steady enough to use without
Jenny123451-55, F
@assemblingaknob you dont need training skates for rollerblading
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@Jenny1234 馃珷 okay. I'm ready to break some bones!
Jenny123451-55, F
@assemblingaknob wear knee and wrist guards for inline skating
That's truly weird. It's perfectly normal for adults to skate. However, it's true that training, two row skates for adults might be an odd request now. I kind of assumed they were rather a fashion matter in 90s or so. At least music videos from 90s were the only place where I've seen them on an adult.
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@CrazyMusicLover possibly 馃珷 haha it's a little awkward moment for me xD
Maritocorneo56-60, M
I am 55 and I still skate.
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@Maritocorneo that's amazingggggggg
@Maritocorneo Awesome ! 馃憦馃徑馃憦馃徑馃憦馃徑
@assemblingaknob by what you say i would say try another sports shop as those assistance came over unhelpful and rather judgemental . they do not deserve your custom and you might need to find a shop that is genuine and help you as a first time skiier and advice what you are looking for
Queendragonfly31-35, F
I'm not sure what skates you mean but it doesn't matter, if you enjoy skates then get skating!

~ [i]Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.[/i]

Elizabeth Gilbert
If.you wanna do it there are heaps of places to order skates online .

But id also really recommend kneepads and wrist guards . Falling over as an adult is a lot harder on the body.

If youve no experience, roller skates are a tad easier ....but then when you go to blades you have to relearn at lot of stuff as the feel and motion is a bit different .

Plus roller skates are pretty retro 馃

Edit : one thing you can also look into is the type of wheels on your skates . They make them for different surfaces and purposes .
Some are softer and slower but give good feel over concrete, whole others are harder but give good speed on a rink .
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@OogieBoogie thank you I really appreciate it!!!!!
A normal store would want to sell you skates 馃 Then being inline or training.
Nitedoc51-55, M
It depends. Do you have good insurance?
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@Nitedoc xD not at all
Nitedoc51-55, M
@assemblingaknob At least get some good pads first.
Wizardry46-50, M
Never to old to start
NCCindy36-40, F
Better off not using so called training skates to learn
GuiltyBiStander31-35, F

It's also not too old to start falling 馃榿
Dude, eat a Twizzlers and re-adjust reality.
I used to roller skate as a teenager and dismissed the idea of getting back into it (and I鈥檓 considerably older than you).
Then I saw this:
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@bijouxbroussard damnnnnn you're so cool though. Yeah I'll try to buy them online.. this is very encouraging!!!
NinaTina26-30, F
assemblingaknob26-30, F
@NinaTina wowwwwwwww thanks!!! I just read through this and I love it!!! 馃挄
NinaTina26-30, F
@assemblingaknob im glad馃憤馃徑

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