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How do you know that any of this is real?

Your senses could be lying to you quite easily.
Time is an illusion, that much is certain.
Maybe deja vu is just us remembering that we've done all this before. Does that mean there's no free will, because it's already happened? Or maybe we came back to change things? Maybe it's a simulation of what's already happened? Someone is trying to work out how things went wrong. Maybe you're supposed to be doing that but you forgot. Maybe none of this even matters at all.
Things don't happen. Nothing feels real.
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
I So get these two ideas...

[quote]Maybe deja vu is just us remembering that we've done all this before.[/quote]

I feel this all too often myself & it's so peculiar as to why the epiphany hits, I've experienced this before. It's too real, this feeling

[quote]Or maybe we came back to change things?[/quote]

Especially meeting a person you feel like you already know, yet you don't. At all.

I'm glad it isn't just me.馃槉
You think a lot.. time is something mortals are stuck in but since God knows the future in advance then it already happened.. we are like frames in a video tape.. but the universe is beyond our comprehension
Redstar36-40, M
@SStarfish Yeah, I do think a lot. That's how I know that there is no God. If God existed, he'd either know things in advance OR they already happened, it can't be both. Fortunately, I believe in facts, not fairy tales, so I don't believe in any of the countless number of Gods that humans have come up with that are always the one true God.
The Universe isn't beyond our comprehension, Religion just limits peoples curiosity and willingness to explore and think.
I saw Jim Carey saying something similar to this 鈥 he said everything as we know it may just be what we think we should see and feel ~ deep 馃憖
Redstar36-40, M
@SW-User Like our expectations preventing us from experience the true reality?
Tbh I think only he knows what he means 馃挴@Redstar
Redstar36-40, M
@SW-User Yeah, you're probably right.
Abstractminded36-40, M
Reality is nothing more than perception governed by a preconceived notion of what society says is real.
Redstar36-40, M
@Abstractminded I'm inclined to agree and disagree. If you believe something enough, than in a way, it might as well be real. But regardless of what people believe, reality is always just reality, even if we can't perceive it or refuse to acknowledge it.
MrBrownstone46-50, M
Elon Musk makes some really good points.
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AuRevoir36-40, M
If it wasn't real we'd all be millionaires living the life we wanted and none of the people important to us would disappear from our lives.
Redstar36-40, M
@AuRevoir Well, it wouldn't work if it wasn't. Just because something is complex, doesn't mean it can't be true.

Or... how do you know that there is anything happening beyond what you are currently experiencing? Imagine a video game where the world around you loads only as you walk through it, or enter a new area.
AuRevoir36-40, M
@Redstar Still would have to be programmed in order to load anything new.

And our world is made up of constant variables and new experiences happening to everyone.
2cool4school46-50, F
@Redstar I guess you鈥檙e not adept in 鈥淥ccum鈥檚 razor鈥 ...
MrBrownstone46-50, M
We could be in a computer simulation.
Very matrix-like@MrBrownstone
Some of my favorite issues to philosophize
Paying taxes is real

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