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How do Muslims fast for a whole month without getting gallstones?

Is there some trick to it? Like eating a lot during the night or simply a habit? Or do they get sick often? 馃

Edit: since it appears I wasn't clear enough, yes, I know that they don't eat anything while the Sun is up and that they have meals before sunrise and after sunset, I meant is that enough for their body or do they get sick more often than people that don't fast in that way or don't starve themselves for any other reason.
[c=#359E00]we eat before dawn and stop fasting at dusk. If you're getting used to it, it's easy. I mean.. we're not fasting 24/7[/c]
Melpomene22-25, F
@YukikoAmagi And y'all don't get gallstones more than others? Must be a habit then...
@Melpomene [c=#359E00]nope, we've been doing this since we were kid[/c]
Juxdia26-30, F
They generally have a meal before dawn that they call "sohoor", it's like a mini breakfast, I guess.

And, it's just habit and it's healthy.
Melpomene22-25, F
@Juxdia Abstinence is healthy but from food and for that long...yeah, I'm not so sure if it's healthier than eating only certain foods.
hippyjoe195561-69, M
They don't actually fast at all. Like everything else in islam fasting is a lie. It is simply not eating while the sun is up. Many muslims gain weight on their fast since they binge eat during the 'night' to compensate for their lack of food during the day.
@hippyjoe1955 yeah i was thinking that too. It doesn't seem healthy. I know if i were to do that it would mess up my circadian rhythm. Also it's not good to eat late after hours.
Melpomene22-25, F
@hippyjoe1955 Well, fasting by definition is abstinence from certain *stuff* for a certain amount of time. If that means not eating while the Sun is up and they do as they're told, then they did fast.
Whether "everything in Islam is a lie"...well, we can't know that. In fact, I don't think it's right saying that for anything we aren't 100% sure.
TheStarsareout56-60, M
Who cares 馃檪
Melpomene22-25, F
@TheStarsareout Well, I do (obviously). That's why I asked.
HannibalAteMeOut22-25, F
Why would they get gallstones for just not eating for many hours? Yeah it seems hard at first, but remember many people do go without food for 13 hours every day even nowadays and our ancestors sure did.
Melpomene22-25, F
@HannibalAteMeOut Apparently, one of the causes of gallstones is not eating for many hours. Yeah, that simple. I was wondering if it happens more often to people who regularly fast [here: abstain from food for a longer period of time] in a cyclic manner (i.e. Muslims should always fast during Ramadan).
Just because many people do that, doesn't mean it's good or normal. Many people are sick, many smoke...and our ancestors did too.
cherokeepatti61-69, F
They only fast during the daylight hours and they make up for the other time. Kidney problems are a big thing when it鈥檚 hot weather and they have to work outdoors and can鈥檛 drink water all day.
kentex35100+, M
I think they fast not abstain. But my faith used ti not eat meat on Friday unless it's fish.
Melpomene22-25, F
@kentex35 I did write "fast", not "abstain". But they don't eat for hours.
kentex35100+, M
@Melpomene I know I'm just a mister know it all. Pointing to the difference like I'm smart or something. Forgive me I'm old
Starcrossed41-45, F
Many find a health benefits in intermittent fasting, all religion aside.
Melpomene22-25, F
@Starcrossed Yes but does it cause more harm than help?
ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
They eat breakfast before sunup and dinner after sundown.
Melpomene22-25, F
@ChipmunkErnie Yes, I know that. But that's at least 10+ hours without food, considering it happens in spring.
Wol6251-55, M
So glad I never found out!
Paliglass41-45, F
Melpomene22-25, F
@Paliglass What?
Paliglass41-45, F
@Melpomene they eat when it's dark.
Melpomene22-25, F
@Paliglass Yes, I heard about that.

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