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Am I horrible for entertaining myself like this?

EDIT: I just found out that the IG was deleted so don’t bother searching for it.

OP: There’s an Instagram account called Sensitive Content and they basically just show real videos of horrible things like people being maimed, shot, falling off high places, etc. A lot of them DEFINITELY die, there’s a lot of blood, and none of it is censored. What’s more, even though I DO sympathize for the people in the videos and I even say prayers for them as I watch, it also doesn’t bother me long-term. I can turn off the videos and move on like I saw nothing. Does this make me awful? Lol. I mean, the videos will be there whether I watch them or not, it’s not like I’m causing any of this to happen.
i enjoy that stuff too. i like morbid things.
Ugh im curious to go check it out now but i dont wanna be scared at night
InvaderNice · 26-30, M
@silentkillx2 Check my edit.
@InvaderNice oh 😂
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InvaderNice · 26-30, M
@LittleEvilOne It’s not porn, is it? Cause then I’m not interested lol
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Joeyyy · 31-35, M
There's some stuff you can't unsee.
It's not really worth it.
InTenses · 46-50, M
Yes. We're all horrible here.
DDonde · 31-35, M
I think it will have lasting consequences long-term.
I would recommend stopping.
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DDonde · 31-35, M
@LittleEvilOne I've been tricked into viewing some of it before. 😣
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