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Not what I wanted on a Friday night,

Working so hard to sort out my life and grow as a human being, start over new, to live and love again. Yet all this pressure is bringing me on the brink of a meltdown 馃く馃く馃く馃く馃く馃く馃く馃く and it really sucks because I should be looking forward to starting over new, but at the same time it scares me.
There is no adventure without fear, mate. If you are not afraid of not doing it well, it means it is not worth it. Anxiety sucks, but this pressure you are now going to feel every now and then is because you know you are in the middle of a big change.
@Cierzo that鈥檚 so true bro, start of life is the finish line for your comfort zone, and by taking that big step out comes fear and anxiety itself. Along with the pressure that comes with it all.
You have already come so far. It will be worth it.
What do you do for yourself when anxiety kicks in?
@InOtterWords it鈥檚 hard to escape from it where I live, it riddles me nightly, I usually work on some projects but my mind is racing too hard, I think I need to smoke another cone, it helped last night. But when I鈥檓 out and about, I鈥檓 relaxed, although I鈥檓 very shy in real life especially these days, I have become so introverted in the last 6 years and I feel like a ghost in this world in a way so there鈥檚 lonliness there like I鈥檓 just watching life go by but still making the most out of what鈥檚 left of my life. All these thought just racked my brain hard tonight, thank fuck for sunglasses, because I really tried not to break down in tears on the way home lol.
How are you going? I hope you鈥檙e better mate 馃
Today has started well. I bought a smart watch this week because I have seen a correlation between activity and mood and sleep. Today I went for a walk, I'm felling motivated. :) @SW-User
@InOtterWords that鈥檚 good to hear 馃榾 a good walk is a big help, sometimes I would walk for hours lol.

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