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New levels of stupidity have been reached

I think it is so funny how just last year there were multiple people joined far and wide to support BLM. However now that the tables are turned and it is another minority in need of support (Asians) many of those who marched, protested, and supported BLM, shrug indifferent saying "they were not there for my struggle. Why should we care?"

Quite the hypocrite & disgusting from all sides, how can you so strongly advocate for one and shrug off another bc of your own prejudice. Lumping them all together as nonexistent for supporting other ethnicities because it's easier to let the media show you what you should see than to do the research and understand it yourself. Minorities should come together, and was that not the whole point of coming together during those times of brutality? However look at the response when it is another minority group in need. I am so disgusted by the whole situation, and have no more words to entertain the brainless. This world is beyond repair; look how easily we turn on each other when really we should be unifying against those who are behind the injustice.
FutureIdol · 31-35, M
Sometimes I feel like nobody notices or gives a shit about us (asians).
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@FutureIdol I'm sorry you feel that way, but it's really all down to the systemic racisim embedded deeply in America 😔
FutureIdol · 31-35, M
@Crushedstrawberries According to some people asians make lots of money and are called model minorities so they aren't oppressed or are given a hard time.
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@FutureIdol that's the image Asians carry in America which is why many people are so confused or question if Asians are really "suffering". It's also why some ethnicities dont see Asians as minorities bc of this imaginary status Asians hold, where they are seen above other minorities but below caucasian people.
It is disgusting and disappointing to see how unsympathetic some members of minority groups that face similar oppression are to the Asian community when they are the targets of racism. Perhaps it hits a little close to home knowing that at least in some areas (particularly the San Francisco Bay Area), many of the perpetrators of these racist attacks against Asians have been black. This doesn't seem to be something many are willing to reckon with. Much of the discussion I come across is of the "Oppression Olympics" type where minorities are comparing their struggles and fighting over who has suffered more injustice. It shouldn't be lost on anyone that that never solves anything.
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@SW-User If we're talking about all factors that contribute to it, we could go directly to how white supremacy created the divide between the two and how those effects from years before trickle into future generations. Covid was just the tipping point of finally acknowledging and talking about this
@Crushedstrawberries I think that is undeniable. In some areas (L.A. & San Francisco, for example) there have been long-standing tensions between black and Asian communities that go back decades. All of this is now coming to light (not for the first time either, as the Rodney King riots demonstrated).
@SW-User If you live here too, you may’ve seen the following in the SF Guardian:

[b] The suspects in some of these attacks were Black men, and some Asian Americans have responded with stereotypes of their own, blaming supposed anti-Asian sentiment from the Black community for the crimes. This narrative, which has not been supported by evidence, has nevertheless shoved a new wedge into age-old cracks between Black and Asian immigrant communities in the US.

“People want to have a Black villain and scapegoat,” said Carroll Fife, a longtime San Francisco Bay Area activist and Oakland city councilmember, who is Black. “People are right and justified to feel beset upon because Asian folks are othered in America. But you can’t fight racism with racism.”

Organizers in the Asian and Black communities have been quick to denounce this rhetoric and call for solidarity. Last weekend, hundreds gathered in the Bay Area to call for solidarity and pay homage to the victims, wearing shirts emblazoned with “Black and Asian unity”.

How are they so certain that they weren’t there?
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@Seventeen I agree, it's incredibly disheartening to see during times like these.
@Crushedstrawberries It does happen though. Just because they didn’t physically see it from any particular side though doesn’t mean it didn’t occur. Media coverage mainly focused on black participation for the views. I’m sure plenty of people donated etc to Black Lives Matter.

But since it’s not covered. Since a breakdown or analysis is overlooked and the facts aren’t apparently clear. They assume what they know based off what was shown to them.

I personally would never donate to BLM as I see it more as a corporation once the original owners sold it and people wanted to market it as a brand. When I don’t see physical documentation of fiscal reports on where all that money is turning up that they have earned. I don’t trust it. They made their money through donations and now where did it go to? Too many unanswered questions for me.

But it does not mean they did not receive donations in abundance.
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@Seventeen yes I agree. And that's why I have no more words when I come across these people bc I know they are helpless empty vases only good for making noise. They are truly a lost cause with no hope for redemption. A blind sheep who will allow the media to dictate their reality.

The media is not to blame though, it is those who choose to believe whatever is placed in front of them with no question to research or understand it. And that's what is happening here. The same people who argued so violently for change, for peace, and equality are the same people who are arguing one ethnicity deserves to be subjected to injustice ...because those people believe that ethnicity was nonexistent during their own struggles.

I think it is funny you bring that up bc I've seen people bring up the fact that they have never seen an asian person contribute to the BLM if actually donating to that fund would do more good than if they supported small black-owned businesses in this sense. I dont know about any of that sort but I do know that if those who truly fought for the values of the BLM movement wanted change, they would not support brutality towards another group of people.
[quote] Minorities should come together, and was that not the whole point of coming together during those times of brutality? However look at the response when it is another minority group in need [/quote]

[i][/i][quote] "they were not there for my struggle. Why should we care?" [/quote]
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@TheBlackPowerRanger I read your response as well as where you agreed black people have no obligation to support racist asian people. I follow the belief that two wrongs do not make a right, so to be petty and encourage the racisim towards a racist person continues the cycle and change will never happen. Hence why I pointed out you can not pick and choose.

If that was the purpose of your response, I think it's appropriate to point out how white supremacy created the divide between asians and other minorities. It stereotyped one group to be above another and those effects are clearly bleeding into this generation where it fits perfectly with how you said people view it as Asians finally getting what they deserve, despitethe fact that Asians are no exception to being targeted due to their ethnicity even before covid.

I've read your scenario you put out however I have no intention in responding to it for the sole fact of how pointless it would be to apply an imaginary situation like that to the harsh reality.
@Crushedstrawberries if you wish to sweep the hypothetical under the rug, that's fine. Hopefully it becomes clear how no sides deserve any favorable privilege and how it is not fair to be requested to aid people who are against you, no matter who planted the hostility. Everyone should be against oppression.

I actually agree with you that it will take forgiveness to break the cycle and I am for it. I like the idea of black people and Asian people mending their divide and coming together to support one another.

This requires the cleansing of any racial prejudices and superiority complexes in both black and Asian communities and a request for forgiveness from both parties and hopefully, an equal foot forwards in the future. The next time a call for help is heard, let us see all come forth together.
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@TheBlackPowerRanger it's not simply sweeping under the rug; it's not even acknowledging bc it has no purpose in this discussion.

Lol I think what is strange is the undertone of gratefulness that you're insinuating Asians should feel if they are supported. Why is it seen Asians have to ask? Should people not be appalled of the atrocities directed toward Asians and not want to stand up in support?

It is expected considering those who supported the BLM movement fought for the same things now another group is fighting for, and rather than join forces they choose to make it a fight between each other. If we are talking about what is not fair, we should talk about how it is not fair the treatment Asians are receiving from both ends of the spectrum. Look at how the model minority status they never claimed hurts them and instead of supporting them, there is further unnecessary tension. Everyone should be against oppression, yes. Then why make this about one's ethnicity? If you were for the fight during the BLM movement what is holding you back here? That is the problem.

I think that is required for all of humanity for a step in the right direction but ultimately unlikely because of human nature.
MagicaloneANRABF · 56-60, M
Agreed. It's been as though it has to be black people only.
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@MagicaloneANRABF I dont think their movement was wrong. I support it because there was purpose for it and it is still important to continue to fight for.

What disgusts me is people think it's okay to fight for justice for one group of minorities and then sit idly by and watch injustice of another due to petty reasons motivated by one's prejudice.
This is why nothing changes
Don't forget, the human race is the only one capable of being extinct by choice.
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@DropTopDig if only, the world will finally be at peace again
@Crushedstrawberries Not trying to be a spoilsport but history repeats itself because people don't learn from it.
eMortal · M
It's hard to get people's support when they "think" you look down on them. That's the root of the cold shoulder.
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@eMortal lol that's the most amusing part to me😂
I haven’t heard anything like that. I know a lot of people who have been standing up against the racism being shown (especially the elderly) in the Asian community. The last thing that needs to happen is more divisiveness.
Crushedstrawberries · 22-25, F
@bijouxbroussard I agree, more divisness is not what we need, however it's what is happening when people choose to allow their prejudices to dictate their choices
TheArbitrator · 36-40, M
The whole BLM movement was orchestrated by rich White liberals and George Soros. They haven't marched not once since Biden was elected. Why is that? Why is that they are burning down buildings and looting when police kill a black criminal but not when gangsters and thugs kill innocent children.
@TheArbitrator That is not true. There have been ongoing BLM/Antifa protests in Portland and Seattle since Biden's election, including some with a specifically anti-Biden message.
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