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Another thing I ponder a lot is how so many people want things, but the stuff they do to get it is not compatible with the results they seek.

The dynamic behind that is intriguing; I think we all find ourselves in that situation every once in a while, so it would be nice to dissect it so as to become able to recognize it when it occurs and break out of the loop.

One noteable time I can remember being in this situation was when I was in 5th grade I decided I wanted to get built; real muscular. But at the time the only kind of working out I had been introduced to was running.

So I ran and ran but no matter how much I ran my body wouldnt take the shape I was going for.

The factor that influenced this particular instance was ignorance; I just didn't know how to get what I was after so I did what I [i]did[/i] know. What I had been introduced to.

I suspect that something similar is the case for people who find themselves in jams where what they want, what they are doing, and what they are getting, don't line up.

Although in certain cases such as relationship goals, sex goals, artistic endeavors,financial goals, or career goals, I'm willing to bet that a factor that makes people very reluctant to change tactics is the amount of effort and time they have expended doing what they have been doing; they may feel too invested in their fruitless effort to actually acknowledge it's fruitlessness and try a new route.
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F Best Comment
I always prepare to study the subject in question just like I studied during school. Life achievements are no different. And then I find the people who are fluent in said subject, to guide me towards my goal.
And I ask. I ask anythingI wanna know.

The mistake you did as a teen was you didn't ask for more information. You didn't care to study the subject. You felt safe in what you already knew.

Many people are afraid to be vulnerable and have the role as a student and always wanna come off as the one that knows best. Those people will never improve. They will never reach goals beyond what they already know.

And then there's a whole teaching about one's mindset. You might have all the practical tools and everything is set up to succeed. But without the proper mindset you'll risk losing your balance and fall down. The older we get the harder the fall the more damage we get. The harder to get back up again.

Everything begins in the mind.

DearAmbellina2113 · 41-45, F
Are these the musings you have when you're high? Or is this all your sober mind? Just wondering. I have deep thoughts when I'm high. Lol
Eternity · 22-25, M
@DearAmbellina2113 no im sober. When I'm high it's worse and can get overwhelming but luckily I am also easily distracted while high.

So I always make sure I've got some nice music to listen to or some other pleasant ambience to keep from trying to pick existence apart.

That and I don't get too high. I get on a level I like and coast there.
MethDozer · M
Yeah, effort and time sucks balls

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