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Do you massage yourself?

My occupital nerves are irritated 馃槚
Massageman70-79, M
Occupital??? If it's in the back of your neck on either side, that would be occipital, just under the occiput. So, someone is being the proverbial "pain in the neck" for you - - - - - but I digress - - - -

Yes, I do use some massage techniques on myself. I will use rollers to do back and leg stretching, direct work on my calves (gastrocs). I have recently added a small ultrasound unit- (the warming one, not the imaging one). I've also added a percussion massager. I deliberately sought the one with the shortest stroke: it doesn't really need a long stroke to be effective. I'll use that on my forearms when I do massage too long each day. (I'm in nearly year #30 doing Massage Therapy).
Ambroseguy8051-55, M
Not usually. Even with a massage gun that I received as a gift. Just feels weird/awkward massaging myself
Nebula41-45, F
@Ambroseguy80 I have to, my muscles get all spastic sometimes
Ambroseguy8051-55, M
@Nebula makes sense. Do you own the massager tool?
JoyfulSilence46-50, M
I have a back-massage seat-cushion.

Unfortunately, it gives me the same massage every time. But it usually feels good after a few passes, and I do not care anymore.
Sometimes especially my hands or feet. It's hard to massage my neck myself but I do sometimes. I usually just stretch though.
SirBenedictTheSecond22-25, M
I choke myself
Nebula41-45, F
@SirBenedictTheSecond whatever works
Yup, I broke my arm in 2009 (have a plate) and massage my left wrist several times a day, my palm and thumb have no feeling, but I can move it OK....
heavyone261-69, M
I hope you feel better soon, I have that issue and it landed my butt in the E.R. last weekend!! "Pain took my sight"..... scarrrrrrry!
Yes, sometimes. I usually massage my own legs and feet and my injured hand.
Captainjackass31-35, M
Of course those nerves 馃. You need one of those massage chairs.
Yes sometimes
lumberjackslam41-45, M
I do touch myself a lot
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